The 15 most visited websites in Colombia

November 09, 2021

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The technological adoption that Latin America has experienced in recent years has been impressive. More and more people have dared to do their business online, making daily life much easier and speeding up many processes that previously took three times as long to carry out.

In 2010, only 30% of the population used the Internet in Colombia, according to statistics provided by the World Bank on its website. And by 2019, this figure totally doubled: more than 65% of people in Colombia were using the Internet by then, reflecting this cyber reality of users. With the pandemic caused by Covid-19, surely this figure rose even more.

In this context, companies have doubled their efforts for the digital transformation of their businesses. If in the past, their "strong point" were physical and traditional sales in stores, now they are working on the potential of the digital version of their companies, creating effective, responsive, and functional web pages for their users.


The 15 most visited websites in Colombia


In this way, more and more companies are “fighting” to be the most visited in Colombia on the web, since that guarantees them exposure to potential clients, which in the long run can generate higher sales and profits. Here we will talk about the most visited websites in Colombia, according to the estimates made by Alexa in its ranking:




Google takes the first place in this ranking and why not? It is the main search engine in the world. In 2020, Google's profits as a company amounted to more than $ 181 billion, according to data from Statista in one of its recent reports. So, this is a business that has been in full development and expansion in the last decade. In Panama, the connection time of users is 17:24 minutes, with more than 6 million sites linked to this platform.





In this digital age, video platforms like YouTube have taken on astonishing importance. Now that millions of people are working and studying at home, on YouTube they have had access to a whole universe of valuable material for their different responsibilities and objectives. It is also a source of entertainment for those who simply want to watch a music video or podcast. Users spend 19:38 minutes a day on this platform from Panama.




Above all the social networks that exist today, Facebook continues to be one of the most visited websites in Colombia. Users spend more than 17 minutes browsing this website and more than 11 million sites are linked to Facebook. This country has more than 32 million users on Facebook, which represents 78% of the total population, according to statistics shared by the Find You Web portal.





One of the Microsoft products that users continue to use for its many benefits is Outlook mail, which users can access from the Live website, the fourth most visited platform by users in Colombia. Users browse for more than 5 minutes a day.




The fifth most visited website in Colombia is Wplay, a soccer betting portal and different sports disciplines in Colombia. It is very well positioned among Internet users in that country, who spend around 3:51 minutes on this platform.






Online shopping is booming, especially for almost two years due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19. And among all the online trading platforms that may exist, one of the most preferred in Colombia is Mercado Libre, ranked as the sixth most viewed website in this country. 31% of the traffic that enters this platform is organic and users spend at least 8:55 minutes a day connected.


mercado libre




In this era of online work, the Office web page has become more important than ever since users can access and purchase the Office suite here, as well as access their One Drive, Outlook and Teams accounts, the meeting service and Microsoft video calls.




Zoom achieved immense notoriety in 2020, making it possible for millions of people and groups to connect in meetings and work video calls easily and quickly during the pandemic. In Colombia it is also one of the preferred websites when working remotely from home, with an average connection time of 6:46 minutes.




In addition to Mercado Libre, in Colombia another of the favorite platforms for users to make their purchases online is Amazon. According to BBC Mundo, Amazon installed the first customer service center in Colombia, the first in all of South America. Users spend around 11 minutes connected to this platform.






The Instagram application is one of the most downloaded and used worldwide by both Android users and iPhone users. Its website is also very visited in Colombia from desktops, browsing approximately 4:47 minutes on this web platform.




The Microsoft website turned out to be one of the most visited by Colombians since from this platform they can access the products and services offered by this company. For example, the Microsoft 365 business package, Office, what is related to the Windows operating system, Surface computers, what is related to Xbox, and everything related to support.




The favorite streaming entertainment option in Colombia is Netflix and although a large part of users accesses this platform from applications for televisions, tablets, and phones, they also browse the web for approximately 4 minutes a day.






The news portals also enter this ranking of the most viewed websites in Colombia. It is a news website, but mostly focused on opinion genre. It publishes stories, research of national importance, as well as opinion and analysis articles. It is an independent journalism website that publishes more than a thousand content a month, with 15 thousand visits.






It is the website of one of the main banking institutions in Colombia: Bancolombia. Users spend at least 8:32 minutes browsing this online banking portal.




Finally, there is the WhatsApp web page. Despite having the mobile application and the desktop application, it can also be used from the web, a very common practice in Colombia.


Technology has been transforming consumption patterns and user habits. Now almost any management can be done through the Internet, which has pushed many companies to start their digital adaptation.


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