5 Tips To successful Quality Assurance Outsourcing

June 18, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation



There are certain levels of work that go into putting a successful software out to the world, and QA the final product or version of the software is definitely one of the most important things to do.


You see, quality assurance refers to the process of testing and checking for the desired level of quality in an specific product, by paying special attention to each stage of said product or service.


Choosing to outsource your Quality Assurance process with a nearshore development team is probably a great idea, however, if you really want everything to work out as it should, here are the five tips to successful quality assurance outsourcing you need to know:



Don’t settle for the first option

One of the great things about outsourcing any of your internal processes and working with a nearshore team is that there are many options to choose from… Perhaps way too many options.


You see, you have to be careful when picking with who you want to outsource your QA process. Make sure to do an extensive research on all the possible candidates before making your final choice.


Do not settle for the cheapest team, of the first one that comes to your attention. When picking your new QA nearshore team, think about the language barrier, about the time zones, think about their experience and whether or not it meets your expectations as a company.


Work with professionals

Much like it happens when you work with nearshore software developments, quality assurance is a task that requires the expertise level of professionals to be done correctly.


Now, this doesn’t mean everyone in the QA outsourcing team has to be a professional, however, you need to make sure at least the major percentage of the team is made of professional software engineers.




Having a legal agreement settled between you and the outsourcing team or company, is essential to make sure both parties are on the same term. Not to mention, it offers you (and them) legal protection.


Make sure the agreement is settle down on paper, and touches all the important parts about the collaboration between you two, meaning: Deadlines, expectations, hours of work and such.


Motivate the outsourcing team

Signing a contract or any other type of legal agreement isn’t enough, if you want to achieve successful quality assurance outsourcing, you have to keep the nearshore team motivate from start to finish.


Since this is a collaboration between your company and their team, it is important to keep both internal and external collaborators motivated. This means keeping a healthy communication, working with the best tools and offer them time and space to work as needed.




Keep the outsourced team focused

Your QA outsourcing team should be working only on Quality assurance tasks and nothing else. This is to make sure they are focused on their work and not losing time with anything else.


If you require other software related services then it might be a better idea to outsource that process a well with a different team (perhaps from the same provider), but avoid overworking the team you already have.


As you can see, outsourcing your quality assurance process doesn’t have to be a complicated thing, as a matter of fact it can be done easily and smoothly if you just follow the tips mentioned above.


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