5 ways to maximize productivity with IT staff augmentation

March 07, 2023

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it Staff Augmentation


Technology has completely transformed the business world, and today companies need to always be up-to-date in order to remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic and demanding market. However, not all companies have the capital, time or experience to manage complex technology projects, and that is where IT Staff Augmentation comes into play.


IT Staff Augmentation consists of hiring third-party services to complement a company's internal technology team. This can include hiring technology experts to develop a specific project or recruiting an entire team to work on a long-term project. In both cases, the main objective is to maximize productivity and obtain the best results.


How to increase productivity in your company with IT Staff Augmentation


Save time and resources


Hiring in-house technology staff can be expensive and time-consuming. Extensive searches, interviewing multiple candidates, and testing are required to ensure that the right candidate is selected. This entire process can take weeks or even months.


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it Staff Augmentation


IT Staff Augmentation saves time and resources by allowing you to hire technology experts who have already been pre-screened and vetted. This allows you to have a team of highly trained professionals who are ready to work immediately.


But this cost management must be done under a planning and structure adjusted to the needs of the company, says Charly Ganly, Gartner analyst vice president.


it Staff Augmentation


“Research shows that organizations that continue to invest strategically in challenging times are more likely to emerge as leaders. But sometimes tough times call for tough action", Ganly said in a Gartner article.


“Despite the urgency and pressure, pause and remember that there is little value in cutting or halting projects or services where costs have already been spent or incurred”, Ganly added. “In addition, you will hurt the organization's ability to scale up when conditions improve if you cut back on areas you've already invested in or are ready to deliver, and on key initiatives that can't be easily restarted", he warned.


it Staff Augmentation


Access the expertise of technology experts


Hiring in-house technology staff can be challenging, especially if the company has no prior experience hiring technical staff. In many cases, companies do not know exactly what skills and experience they need to carry out a specific project.


IT Staff Augmentation can help you access the expertise of technology experts who have worked on similar projects in the past. This allows you to have the knowledge and experience necessary to carry out a project efficiently and effectively.


Technology teams can bring innovation to your projects and the creation of new products, indicates a Deloitte report. “All this can be translated into growth for the company, profits and competitive advantages. This will require unprecedented levels of collaboration between companies and technology teams during product design, development and deployment".


Flexibility to adapt to changing project needs


Technology projects are dynamic and can change rapidly as they develop. This may require additional skills and experience not initially considered. IT Staff Augmentation offers the flexibility to adapt to these changing project needs.


it Staff Augmentation


You can add or reduce the size of the team according to the needs of the project at any time, allowing you to ensure that you always have the right team for the job.


Reduction of risks associated with technology projects


Technology projects are complex and can present a number of risks, such as missed deadlines, cost overruns, and technical issues. IT Staff Augmentation can help reduce these risks by enabling you to have a team of highly trained professionals who have experience managing similar technology projects.


This means errors are less likely to occur and the project is delivered on time and on budget.


It is also an option to agree with the IT Staff Augmentation service provider to periodically review the agreements signed in the contract, so that adjustments are made throughout the development of the project, if necessary. This as a way to mitigate any kind of risk or problem, reports Deloitte.


it Staff Augmentation


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Increased quality of work


Hiring in-house technical staff can be expensive and time consuming, which can mean that the quality of work is not always the best. By hiring highly trained and experienced IT specialists, companies can leverage their experience and knowledge to improve the quality of work in the information technology department.


In summary, IT staff expansion can improve the quality of work in a company by providing specialized expertise, flexibility, cost savings, and improved efficiency in the information technology department.


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