5 ways a software development agency improves customer experience

June 18, 2024

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One of the main motivations for businesses when looking for a software development agency is to improve the experience of their end customers. No matter how good the product or service they sell to the public is, if the purchasing experience is unpleasant, the entire image of the brand falls and, consequently, sales.


“Improving customer retention and loyalty is the top priority for 31% of customer service leaders”, they noted in a HubSpot article on the topic. Customer experience is even so important to certain companies that 34% of leaders surveyed said they were planning to create a mobile application focused on improving customer service.


If you are still unclear about how a software development agency can help you improve your customer experience, we will explore it in this article.


software development agency


Importance of customer experience for the success of a business

“Customers have been shown to spend up to 140% more after a positive experience than customers who report negative interactions”, they highlighted in a Deloitte report, evidencing the importance of customer service.


Additionally, in a PwC report, 43% of customers interviewed said they would pay more for greater convenience, while 42% would pay more for a friendly and welcoming brand experience. Not only do they value the act of purchasing the product or service they want, but they also expect that this purchasing process will also be pleasant and enjoyable.


A study by the firm Dimension Data stated that only 13% of organizations (16% in North America) self-rate their customer service as 9 out of 10 or better, and 1 in 3 organizations (36% worldwide; 31% in North America) does not have a designated manager who is responsible for all customer experiences. This shows that, despite knowing the importance of customer experience, many companies are still lagging behind in terms of actions on the matter.


5 ways a software development agency improves customer experience

Software development agencies play a crucial role in creating technological solutions that not only meet technical requirements but also improve customer experience. We share five key ways a software development agency can improve the customer experience.


1. Tailor-made development oriented to customer needs

Software development agencies offer customized solutions that are specifically tailored to the client's needs. This approach involves:


In-depth analysis: Agencies spend time understanding the client's unique goals and challenges, allowing them to develop software that truly addresses their needs.


Adaptability and flexibility: The ability to customize and adapt software as customer requirements change ensures that the final product remains relevant and effective over time.


Continuous Iteration: By using agile methodologies, agencies enable continuous feedback and incorporation of changes, improving product alignment with client expectations.


software development agency


2. Focus on usability and User Experience (UX)

Software development agencies invest significantly in designing intuitive and engaging user experiences:


User Research: They conduct user studies to understand how they interact with the software and what their expectations and needs are.


User-centered design: They implement design principles that facilitate navigation and efficient use of the software, ensuring that it is accessible and easy to use for all users.


Usability Testing: They conduct rigorous usability testing to identify and resolve issues before release, improving the overall user experience.


3. Transparent communication and collaboration

Clear and constant communication is essential to ensure that software development is aligned with customer expectations:


Regular Meetings: Establish a schedule of frequent meetings with clients to provide progress updates and discuss any changes or concerns.


Open communication channels: They use tools such as Slack, Zoom or Microsoft Teams to maintain an open and effective line of communication with customers.

Reports and detailed documentation: They provide regular reports and detailed documentation of the project progress, keeping the client informed at all times.


software development agency


4. Ongoing maintenance and support

Agencies not only deliver the final product, but also offer ongoing support to ensure the software continues to run smoothly:


Updates and improvements: They provide regular updates and improvements based on user feedback and technological advances.


Quick response to problems: They offer technical support services that respond quickly to any problems or bugs that arise, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth customer experience.


User Training: Provide training and resources to help customers understand and use the software effectively, maximizing its value and efficiency.


software development agency


5. Focus on quality and safety

Agencies are committed to delivering high-quality software that meets the highest standards of security and performance:


Rigorous testing: They perform extensive functionality, performance, and security testing to ensure that the software is robust and reliable.


Regulatory Compliance: They ensure that the software complies with industry regulations and standards, protecting customer data and privacy.


Best development practices: They use agile development methodologies and best coding practices to minimize errors and ensure code quality.


A software development agency improves the customer experience by providing tailored solutions that fit specific needs, focusing on usability and user experience, maintaining transparent communication and collaboration, offering ongoing support and maintenance, and ensuring continuity. software quality and security.


These practices not only ensure the delivery of a product that meets customer expectations, but also build a long-term relationship of trust and satisfaction. Do you need a software development agency? At Rootstack, we have +14 years of experience supporting companies in their digital transformation. Contact us.


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