8 soft-skills that every software developer needs to have in 2023

February 06, 2023

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When talking about software developers, the first thing everyone thinks of is their technical knowledge and expertise. And it makes sense, since they are in charge of shaping the software projects that companies need. But a software developer profile must also have other types of skills, just as important as the technical ones.


We refer to the soft-skills. This term has been resonating for a couple of years, with increasing power, since it has become a very important aspect in technology professionals and in the projects themselves.


What are soft skills?


Soft-skills refer to those personal attributes that are necessary to be successful at work. These are skills that have nothing to do with the technical side, they are more associated with a person's way of working. For example, their ability to communicate in a timely manner or the person's attention to detail.


Soft skills are just as necessary and important as technical skills. Imagine, for example, that a company hires a very technically talented software developer, but he is a pedantic, disorganized person with poor communication skills. You probably won't get the job done effectively.


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Companies are giving more and more weight to soft-skills, because this also fosters a good work environment, in which project goals are achieved, with a team that works in harmony and collaboration.


“Soft skills are important because they help you work well with others. Communication skills, teamwork, and adaptability allow you to connect with co-workers, express your ideas, receive feedback, and achieve consensus", they explained in an article on The Balance portal.


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Soft-skills that every software developer needs in 2023




Any tech expert will tell you that communication is one of the must-have soft skills in a software developer profile. Without communication, there is no success. A software developer must be able to communicate in a timely and effective manner the needs of the project, if any adjustments have to be made, explain the progress of the project. It is not enough just to be an expert in the technical part.


Communication has several levels: communication with the work team, communication with clients, and communication with remote colleagues. You must be very patient and empathetic when communicating.


Problem solving ability


Many times in software development progress is not linear. There are ups and downs, times when software developers must find solutions to any kind of unexpected problem. That is why it is very valuable for a software developer to have critical and analytical thinking to create solutions and break down a problem to find the origin and its possible fix.


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There are many software developers who prefer to work alone and independently, without being tied to a team. They can certainly be very talented, but no one can work alone, let alone a programmer. This class of profiles will always be connected to a UX designer, to a QA engineer, for example. Therefore, it is necessary for a software developer to have teamwork skills, to know how to communicate in a timely manner and delegate work. A software development team must work like a cog for the project to come to fruition.


Continuous learning


The technology industry changes practically every day, so continuous learning is intrinsic to the profile of a software developer. It is very valuable that you are always learning new technologies, new tools and methodologies, since that will bring greater value and quality to the final product.


Time management


In every trade, time management is important, but more so in the case of software developers, who work with planning and delivery dates. Someone who does not know how to manage their time or their tasks, only delays the project and causes waste of time and money.


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Open mind


More than a developer is absolutely sure that he knows or knows something, he must be able to be receptive and open-minded to listen to his teammates. He must be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things, since he can learn from that and can contribute to the project.


The next time you are looking for a software team or want to hire a software developer temporarily, analyze not only their technical skills, but also their soft skills, to see if they fit the profile you need for your project.


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