All you need to know about Jira Portfolio

June 18, 2021

Tags: Technologies
jira portfolio


Portfolio is also a tool that can be implemented with JIRA, and is designed to help create plans and gain a better perspective of the entire process, as well as share your plan with all parties involved.

Through this function you can create a visual schedule with total visibility of your work, the team and the projects that are being carried out to finish the task. It is a tool that allows you to fully manage the capacity of your team.


Functions of JIRA portfolio

Amongst the general functions of the Portfolio tool you will find the following:

1. Planner: You can create a plan that covers all your JIRA projects and create a chronological order in real time that allows you to have visibility of all the teams involved. Have accurate forecasts about the performance of your team: This tool allows you to compare your times, dates and original plans with their automatic forecasts to know how well your team is actually acting.

2. Manage your projects: You can manage everything related to the speed, skill and availability of each of your team members.

3. Analyze two types of scenarios: With portfolio you can create false scenarios that are possible to happen and what you would do in this case, always having a plan B, or backup, in case some part of your plan does not happen as planned.


jira portfolio

How to create a plan

The option to access the portfolio will be reflected directly in your inbox or dashboard when you enter JIRA. Once you click there, you can access the option to create a new plan.

There are 5 steps in total that you must do to create your plan:

Step #1 is about placing the name of your plan, which can be any you want.

Step #2 is based on selecting the project or data that is related to the plan you are creating, you can select more than one if you need it.

Step #3 is based on placing the Jira versions that will be directly related to the plan.

Step #4 is based on including and defining the team of people (Jira users) who will work with you on the plan or will be involved at a certain level

Step #5 (and last) is used as a verification so that you are sure that all the information provided to the server is correct. Once you have verified everything, you just have to click on "Create"

Finally, once you have created your plan, it will appear immediately within the portfolio module.