The benefits for companies using Drupal 8

June 18, 2021

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On the web, most of the information about Drupal 8 and its benefits are focused on technical areas and sectors related to development,this is why I decided to align this Blog to the benefits that this new technology gives companies and businesses in this technological revolution.


According to the expectations and direction that digital businesses are taking, there are 4 essential facts to consider in order to adapt the business to the digital age.


  1. Convert Data in Business Intelligence (BI)
  2. Accept and adapt to changes and trends.
  3. Transform traditional customer experience
  4. Accelerate your digital business processes


Drupal 8 provides business solutions based on these facts. This platform provides a solid foundation for organizations to provide better data driven web, mobile and social experiences. The idea of being mobile and being able to offer mobile experiences, with the right content and at the right time are crucial, especially regarding customer loyalty.




It is amazing the number of new sites, services and applications being introduced to the market on a regular basis. Having the ability to stay ahead of the needs and demands of consumers in this highly competitive market is essential.


Drupal 8, the latest version of Drupal, ensures your investment in technology over the coming years, since by making an investment of this type for your organization, the technology will allow your company to grow and evolve over the coming years. Drupal 8 enables direct benefits like mobile development from the Core, complementary modules already installed (such as Views, Page Manager and CKEditor) and Object Oriented Programming.


Earlier versions of this platform have been major competitors among CMS / CMF in the market, but with the introduction of Drupal 8 and its scope and scalability, we hope that it becomes the platform of choice, because it allows businesses to think in the future and the development of its next generation digital strategies.




There are several factors that support this argument:


- Innovation


One of the biggest changes is that Drupal 8 is a programming style, structured mostly as object oriented. Now Drupal modules are written in a much cleaner and easier to extend mode. Furthermore, important parts of its core were replaced by Symfony 2 important components 2, such as routing system.


Due to the architectural change made in Drupal 8, it is now easier to keep within the platform, the latest libraries and elements because the platform now uses composer to manage its dependencies as a project more information about Composer and Drupal 8.


This CMS / CMF can be used to make a simple website or as a complex tool to develop a robust organizational platform that can be integrated with different systems such as an intranet, CRM, ERP, etc. It can also be used for e-commerce with Drupal Commerce.




- Speed and security


As mentioned, to manage dependencies in Drupal is done by using composer; developers can reuse more code now in their projects, not just code developed for use with Drupal. The fact that the platform is now OOP also allows the developer to read and extend the code in less time, making Drupal one of the few CMS / CMF with this programming philosophy.


Notably, Drupal is still an open source platform. A great advantage being based on a free license to view and modify the code, problems are detected and resolved much faster than paid platforms. Drupal also has a team dedicated solely to security.


- Scalability


Drupal offers the advantage of being able to join your organization, at any point during your adaptation to new trends. D8 will scale with you as your ambitions grow and broaden their approach. Currently Drupal is used by many small and large organizations around the world, being great technological tool that allows them to achieve their goals.


Drupal allows to develop a service-oriented architecture, which enables users to integrate the platform with other technologies and system in a simple way. For example, by combining a CRM with your website, you could simplify your business operations and automate many of the ways in how customers interact with your company. The challenge is to find a CRM that works well with your website and for which I recommend you take a look at my daily tool, Rootnet CRM.




- Community


The Drupal community is the heart of the Platform. Drupal and its community have matured for over 15 years. More than 3,000 people have contributed to Drupal 8 through code contributions, testing and more. That same community is hundreds of thousands of Drupal developers, who not only build their digital projects experience in Drupal, but continually support, update, solve problems and further improve the Drupal platform.


Look at some of the companies that are currently using the Drupal platform. Drupal Showcase


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