Cloud RPA solution: how it benefits your business

June 09, 2022

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Within the world of software and programming, it is common to hear the term RPA as a solution applied by several of the largest companies in the world to help with their basic internal processes.


Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is the process of applying automation to perform tedious business tasks by the workforce, such as data manipulation, response triggering, transaction processing, and more redundant tasks.


Depending on how this automation is applied, workers could save up to 80% of their time by not performing unnecessary tasks thanks to RPA solutions. Not only does this increase productivity for the business, but it also helps spend a significant amount of time on higher-value tasks that need human attention.


What is cloud computing?


RPA software is a solution that in most cases is carried out from the cloud, but what does this cloud computing consist of? On the official Azure website, they define it as “the delivery of computing services, including servers, storage, databases, networks, software, analytics, and intelligence, over the Internet ("the cloud") to deliver faster innovation , flexible resources, and economies of scale. You typically only pay for the cloud services you use, helping you lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently, and scale as your business needs change.”


Among the different benefits of cloud computing is its low cost, the speed with which it manages its processes, it has a global scale, fast and effective execution, it offers maximum productivity to its users and it is quite safe, the latter of great importance. . attractive for companies that handle sensitive customer and employee data.


Benefits of RPA software in the cloud for a company


An RPA solution in the cloud may be what a company needs to speed up its processes and achieve the goals they have set. Among the many benefits of this, the following stand out:


Low infrastructure costs


The main benefit of an RPA solution in the cloud is undoubtedly its low cost since the infrastructure and equipment needed to install and maintain the cloud are considerably lower compared to other tools or solutions that also help automate processes.


An estimate released by McKinsey & Company indicates that a company can save up to 25% by moving its automation solutions to the cloud.




Easy to implement


In addition to being one of the cheapest solutions, RPA solutions in the cloud is easy to install and run, allowing the company to enjoy its benefits immediately without having to wait long days or even weeks for the infrastructure to be installed and ready to use. The RPA cloud solution does a fantastic job of removing the barriers and starting automation, hosting, and managing everything from the cloud.


Ease of use


The ease of use of the cloud RPA solution positions it as ideal for companies with a large number of staff without technical knowledge. With just a little basic training, your staff will be ready to select the task they want to automate and it will be migrated to the cloud, leaving everything ready.


Among the characteristics of an RPA solution in the cloud is its intuitive interface, optimized in different functions and verticals with the purpose of helping users.


Remote accessibility


Since the beginning of the pandemic, remote work has become the norm in many companies, so a RPA tool in the cloud is ideal since you can access it and its functions from anywhere, you only need a computer connected to the system of the company. For example, email is an example of cloud computing.


Without the need to install any application or software, you will be able to access the functions of RPA and its workflows, without a barrier due to location, benefiting teamwork.




A company may start by automating a small number of tasks when it installs its cloud RPA solution and then go up to more and more tasks as its need to automate other processes grows.


RPA tools are updated regularly, approximately once a month, which means that companies will have access to modern software and will be able to apply new features to their automated tasks.


Strengthen security


As the cloud RPA solution operates at a granular level, there is a very low risk of sensitive company data being leaked in the middle of any process. All data is fully documented and controlled, thus giving an additional level of security and confidence to this effective solution.




Improve customer service


By assigning repetitive and boring tasks to an RPA tool, the workers of a company are free to give the due attention that the clients need, being able to successfully satisfy any demand and requirement that they present.


In customer service, competent, alert, and present people are needed to be effective, this is achieved by automating the other tasks, which gives time and a higher level of focus to human personnel. In addition to this, the cloud RPA solution can generate reports that help understand the needs of the customers.


At Rootstack, some of our services have moved to cloud computing so we can offer our customers the latest technology trends. Trust us to manage your company's IT processes, in addition to giving you the RPA solution necessary to automate tasks and be able to grow as a team.


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