Common mistakes when building a mobile app

June 18, 2021

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Every new business venture is done thinking about the possible benefits this might bring to our organization, and developing a new mobile app for our business is a very exciting idea in today's time.


This app might be done to extend our customer reach, ease the shopping process for customers, and even offer more services that are app-exclusive. Whatever reason it is, it can work for enhancing market presence and that's why it's very important to do it the right way.


Apps are sensitive subjects, if done well they can be a major success for the company but when done with dispassionate efforts it can turn out to be a disaster. All elements of the process (project management, design, development) need to work in synergy in order for it to work.


Here's our take on the 7 mobile app development mistakes companies should avoid


Ignoring API security


A lot of data, and very sensitive data that is, is exchanged between servers when using a mobile app and sometimes business can compromise security by focusing on something else. It is crucial that an app has robust API security that can withstand the test of cyberattacks (which can even happen every 40 seconds) and keeps security breaches at bay.


Underestimating the workload


Any development project will carry a large workload if we want it to be done right, during the planning process it can be tempting to underestimate the amount of work that will be done but we should always consider that no development experience is perfect and there will be some setbacks. Budgeting and estimating work should always include a margin of error that will allow solving problems that will come along the way.


Not enough testing


This is a common issue across all development projects, testing can be overlooked or performed poorly but this is... very wrong to say the least. Mobile applications need to be tested even more thoroughly because user interaction is wide so doing a deep sweep of the app might bring back more bugs than expected.


Spread out features


It's easy to get lost in the process and try to include all features, you might think this is going to make the app even better but this is a common mistake. Companies should study their clientele and see what they need to have in this app. Remember, too many features = bulky app with compromised load times.


Unoptimized UI


Apps these days need to be smooth, users have powerful mobile devices that make extremely evident when an app is not working correctly. Apps need to run at least 60 frames per second and have quick refresh rates.


Choosing the wrong provider


There are many providers on the market and they are all good in their own thing but it's pretty common to end up getting caught with the wrong provider who can not deliver what they promised just because their offer had a lower price. App development requires an investment that might seem high but it's necessary to obtain the correct results.


We could go on and on about development mistakes because there's plenty to talk about but if you're on the market for a new app we'd rather show you how it really is done.


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