Creating a web API for our mobile and web solutions.

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/85eee652-3239-41a2-b361-4184f57e8ca6.png) In Rootstack we believe in investing in a solution that is well-made and has a reusable and scalable integration layer as a first-world country would, which means: - Companies that seek to implement mobile applications, that automate processes and improve loyalty from their customers, however it is important to understand all of the communication flow that happens behind in our apps at an integration level, the least we want is that in the future, the solution/company evolves and comes up with the situation where affirmations such as "this can not be done" or "this can not be integrated" or even worse, having to start from scratch. And the worst possible situation is that we get a negative hacking and destroy our data when overriding our security protocols.   - The market and the current digitization requires constant evolving. Tomorrow may be a new software that generates more value or a new software to integrate; that is why the development of API's and SOA type software implemented from the Day 1, allows us to be protected from the constant evolving. It may costs us more but we will achieve in the medium and long term much more. - Our organization does not stick to just one technology, we do not like to hear "this can not be done" or "we have to reimplement everything" and many times it may be because we did not plan on the right architecture from the beginning. We invite you to discover a little more on the solutions you can get and everything you can automate based on your industry.