Dedicated Development Team: 5 Tips for Successful Collaboration

November 08, 2022

Tags: Technologies, IT Staff Augmentation

equipo dedicado de desarrollo


When we talk about software teams, some companies think that the most important thing is that they are experts in the technical part. Many consider this to be the essential part, the one that guarantees the success of any project. And yes, it is an important part, but much more is needed to make collaboration with a dedicated development team successful.


Dedicated development teams come to companies to integrate with internal teams, which is quite a challenge. There are different roles and profiles, personalities and ways of working. All this has to be adjusted as if it were a gear so that the joint work is efficient and the proposed objectives are met.


Table of Contents

  • Dedicated development team: the solution for the lack of staff
  • Tips for successful collaboration with a dedicated development team
  • When to hire a dedicated development team?


Dedicated development team: the solution for the lack of staff


Why are companies looking to hire dedicated development teams? For a very simple reason: the demand for digital solutions is constantly growing and expanding and they need skilled labor to quickly and efficiently develop their software products.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


Another of the most attractive aspects of this modality is that the provider of the dedicated development team is in charge of everything: both the recruitment of profiles and the entire administrative part and payroll. This supplier introduces you to the team and at once you can join the project, without delays or bureaucracy.


As this dedicated development team will be focused solely on your project and your tasks, the software development will be much faster and the deliverables will be of much higher quality.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


Tips for successful collaboration with a dedicated development team


Clearly set project expectations


The dedicated development team must be clear about the goals of the project and what the company wants to achieve with the product. This allows software development to be done in the right direction. By not fulfilling this, nobody will have control over the project and the tasks executed will be meaningless.




Periodic reports


Independence is one of the main characteristics of any dedicated development team. But the delivery of weekly or fortnightly reports is always appropriate, so that the company has a detailed status of the progress of the project.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


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Define communication tools


As dedicated development teams often work remotely, maintaining good communication becomes even more necessary.


You need a task management system like Jira or Trello, in addition to collaborating via email and Google Drive. Regarding instant communication, consider the use of apps like Slack, Skype, as well as video call apps like Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


Similar culture


Try to make the culture of the dedicated development team similar to that of your company, as this will help maintain a good relationship with each other. The understanding will be more natural and the workflow easier.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


Zero competition


The arrival of a dedicated development team in the company can lead to friction, as the internal team may see it as competition. Nothing of that. It has to be seen as a temporary team that will strengthen the project and inject more quality and efficiency into the processes.


When to hire a dedicated development team?


  • If you are a small company, startup or entrepreneurship that needs a dedicated team of expert, agile and experienced development. This team will shape your project and launch it quickly to the market.
  • If you have a somewhat diffuse project, without clear requirements. Dedicated development teams take your project and handle it from start to finish.
  • If you have a long-term project, as dedicated development teams can take care of the entire software development cycle. They are also flexible enough to adapt to changes along the way.


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