Dedicated Team Model: What is it and what are the pros and cons for your project

August 01, 2022

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dedicated software development team


You can include extra staff in your work team through different modalities. Some choose to hire individual resources because they only need certain special skills in their projects, but in other cases, when the project is more complex and demanding, it is necessary to hire entire teams. That's where the Dedicated Software Development Team model comes in.


We begin by explaining what the Dedicated Software Development Team model is: it is when an outsourcing team is responsible for the development of a project that a company delegates to it. It works like this: the company defines the idea, shares it with the equipment supplier, and they start software development.


“It's a cooperative model with a software house where you bring an idea to the table and your software partner helps shape it, advises on the right technology stack, and coordinates development. The model generally works for long-term projects with unclear requirements, frequent scope changes, or areas where your team may not have experience”, they explained in an article on the Merix Studio portal.


dedicated software development


This type of service is called “dedicated” as developers are focused on one project at a time, their company's, so you can expect maximum efficiency and productivity, ensuring rapid software development.


Pros of the Dedicated Software Development Team Model


In a company, different situations can arise that can lead you to need a Dedicated Software Development Team model. Here we will talk about the most frequent scenarios and the benefits provided by this work model:


You want to reduce costs


“Choosing a dedicated team for your future software development projects is not only faster but also much cheaper. As you know, finding the missing experts, interviewing them and incorporating them individually into your business plan is not an easy task”, highlighted an article on the Skelia portal.


Missing important resources in your project


You may be working on your project and suddenly you are blocked by the lack of some important resource, by the need for certain skills that you do not have. That's when you can contact a technology provider to help you put together a dedicated team of professionals from around the world. The benefit of this is that there are no geographical limits to finding the talent you need and you also don't have to deal with long and tedious hiring processes.


dedicated software development team


The team is 100% focused on your project


“You get a highly focused team that isn't solving dozens of other problems or coming up with problem-solving ideas for their competitors while their project is in development. In short, dedicated teams are aware, focused and honest with you from the beginning”, they indicate in a KeyUA article.


The client controls the development


The dedicated team may be in charge of the entire development of the project, but your company, as a client, has every right to control the tasks and the direction of the project in general. You will be able to fully organize the team's tasks and supervise the evolution of the work.




It is another of the most attractive aspects of this work model, because a dedicated software team can be perfectly adjusted to the context of your company. They are scalable equipment, which means that they can be enlarged and reduced on demand, according to the needs of the moment in your project.


dedicated software development


Cons of the Dedicated Software Development Team Model


When we talk about the Dedicated Team model, they are almost all benefits, but it is worth paying attention to certain aspects so that you do not have problems in the future.


Not ideal for short-term projects


“Hiring a dedicated team model is ideal for larger projects that require flexibility and evolution on tasks that can change frequently. If you want to hire them for a short-term project, choose another model”, they recommend in the Market Business News portal.


Beware of time zones


“Hiring a dedicated team model becomes a serious problem if they are from another country. However, the different time zone issues are easily resolved by incorporating an agile methodology. On the other hand, it will not be a problem if you have a team from the same country”, they pointed out in the same article.


Data security


As the dedicated software team comes to your company to integrate directly with your internal team, there may be some fear around data security. To protect you from all risks, the provider and your company can sign a confidentiality document that guarantees the privacy of all data handled during the work period.


dedicated software development team


Recruitment takes time


Although certainly the hiring of a Dedicated Team model is much faster than hiring an internal resource, it can also take time to recruit the profiles, since it involves not only the recruitment but also the interviews to finally incorporate them into the project. 


How to hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?


  • In the first place, the client must be clear about the requirements of his project, knowing the technical skills and profiles that he needs to carry it out.
  • Contact a Dedicated Team provider and present your needs. With this data, they begin to recruit the profiles that your project requires to form the dedicated team.
  • After this recruitment, the client knows the selected profiles and carries out the respective interviews and technical tests to validate the skills of the resources.
  • By accepting the profiles, they join the in-house team to start the work.


Be clear that the provider is responsible for the payroll of these contracted resources: that is, you as a client will not have to take care of legal processes or the hiring of these resources, since the provider is in charge of all that.


Without a doubt, hiring a Dedicated Team can change the course of your company and your project, greatly improving productivity and development speed. If you need help implementing this work model, contact us!


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