How AWS Empowers Healthcare Companies

December 06, 2022

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Diverse industries all over the world have been impacted by technology, which has improved management, added functionality to processes, and generally increased business productivity and profitability. With the goal of improving their businesses and the services they provide to customers, more companies in the health industry are supporting the incorporation of technology. In this article, we'll explain why AWS is one of the tools that has completely changed business processes.


Table of Contents

  • Let's start by explaining what AWS is
  • AWS in the Health industry
  • AWS use cases in healthcare companies


Let's start by explaining what AWS is


According to the company in an article on its website, "AWS is the most widely used and comprehensive cloud platform, offering more than 200 integrated data center services globally", helping businesses grow more quickly while cutting costs and making more agile and timely innovation possible.


And that's not all: according to the additions, Amazon Web Services also provides "infraestructural technologies such as computer, storage, and data bases up to emerging technologies such as automatic learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes, analysis, and the internet of things".




Working with AWS has the added benefit of having a large community, which will enable your company to get support in the event of an issue or inconvenience. Likewise, we are dealing with an environment where safety is paramount and assured.


AWS in the Health industry


The AWS solutions have a broad scope and potential, providing options for the healthcare companies. These AWS digital solutions aim to increase the productivity of service providers as well as the quality of the patient care they provide.


The pandemic caused a complete transformation of societal dynamics, and the health sector was not exempt from this. Many tasks and management functions in this field were digitalized so that they could continue providing their services in a more agile, quick, and without the need to physically be present in a consulting room.


"Sector organizations must accelerate innovation and unlock data's potential while maintaining the confidentiality and security of medical information", writes AWS in its documentation.


Currently, Amazon Web Services is a valuable option for accelerating a company's digitalization by encouraging a more extensive and in-depth use of data through cloud solutions and services.




AWS use cases in healthcare companies


Electronic medical record


By updating the systems at their healthcare facility, they will automatically be working to improve the patients' care and quality of life. Electronic medical records will make it possible for you to customize your patient's care, making it more timely and efficient. You can rely on the security and privacy that AWS's cloud offers.


Medical image storage


It will be possible to accelerate diagnoses by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Additionally, you can save medical images underwater, saving space and money.




Clinical genomics


The clinical doctors can use precise medical tools to do more informed diagnoses and make more effective treatment decisions more quickly with the knowledge provided by the patient's genetic data. In a specialized article, Amazon Web Services explained that it provides the enormous computing power and storage space required to make genomics a regular part of healthcare.


Operational optimization


All of AWS's digital solutions help businesses optimize their operational processes while lowering costs and reducing health-related waste, which translates to resource efficiency.




Disease prediction


Although many people visit the doctor's office for specific health issues, technology now allows us to predict diagnoses thanks to data. "With AWS's solutions and partners, clinical researchers and scientists can quickly analyze data flow patterns across various systems, store petabytes of data, and collaborate with global collaborators to create risk prediction models and risk score estimates that will improve the accuracy of disease prognosis and support preventive health care," they stated.


Virtual attention


One of the main advantages of AWS solutions is that they provide a setting in which patients can receive online medical care easily and profitably for healthcare facilities. This enables the doctor to provide quick care and lessens discomfort.


Resource planning


With all the data gathered on a single platform in the cloud, the tools for business resource planning enable a more effective management of the healthcare facility or company. Always accessible, up to date, and reachable in real time.


Income and claims management


In order to manage time-consuming tasks like patient intake and claim administration, a healthcare facility must have agile systems like those provided by AWS. Both aspects have a direct impact on the patient's experience.


If you are in charge of a healthcare business, a medical facility, or something similar, you can adopt the AWS solutions to improve your business' workflows and processes. Need to know more? Rootstack has been assisting businesses with their digital transformation for more than ten years. Contact Us!


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