How to choose a chatbot platform

June 23, 2022

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It is a scenario known to many: you decide to contact a company because you are interested in the services they provide or the products they offer to consumers, you enter their website and immediately a chat window pops up in the corner of your screen where you can write to get information or any help you need, this is a chatbot.


The Oxford dictionary defines a chatbot as “a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. Chatbots often treat conversations like a game of tennis: talk, answer, talk, answer.”


Types of chatbots


There are different types of chatbots that adapt to the needs of the client, since each one can perform different tasks, for example, some always generate the same response every time a user writes and there are others that are programmed to give a personalized response based on in the text they receive.


Chatbots can be divided into two main categories: default chatbots and machine learning ones.


In essence, default chatbots are computer programs that cannot learn new answers. They are programmed and can only generate one response within their set of possible responses. Scripted chatbots are common among businesses as they are designed to answer specific questions with generic answers based on the phrases used by the user.


On the other hand, machine learning chatbots have the ability to learn about the customer they are talking to, generate more appropriate responses, and improve over time. These types of chatbots can actually understand natural speech, therefore they can give a much more precise and personalized response to the user, something that scripted chatbots cannot.


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Factors to consider when choosing a chatbot platform


Various types of chatbots that perform multiple tasks


A key factor for all companies that decide to use this tool, is that it is a functionality that allows them to activate multiple functions and tasks at the same time. The chatbot platform you choose should offer bots already installed and ready to run that can handle certain cases, such as lead generation, and customer service, along with the ability to modify them to suit the needs of the company and to manage various workflows and processes relating to different interactions with customers and the services or products offered.


Multi-channel support


A company that chooses a chatbot platform should opt for one with bots that can be executed on a web page, mobile applications, or any channel of their choice with the user interface adapted to said channel, either via text message, or social networks, or even emails. The chatbot must be able to interact with tools and applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, or Slack.




Have “natural” language and voice support


In the specialized portal ChatbotsLife they offer an explanation about this factor “Chatbot training is another important consideration when it comes to bot scalability. Does your chatbot development platform incorporate Natural Language Processing (NLP) training? Can bots maintain accurate conversations and interactions using text and/or voice? A chatbot platform that provides PLN and voice support tends to provide the best results when it comes to understanding user intent and responding with relevant content after evaluation.”


Run smart chatbots


The platform you choose for your company must have intelligent bots that in all the processes where they intervene and the interactions with customers and users, collect data and information to improve each interaction. A chatbot must be able to identify the context of a conversation and use machine learning to evolve its natural language capabilities.


Chatbot Construction


The platform must have an intuitive web-based tool to design, build and customize the chatbot based on the use cases, tasks, and channels in which it is deployed. You should also have the option to restart the bot development process from scratch or reuse the developed components along with testing the chatbot build throughout the development cycle.


These are the main benefits of having a chatbot ready for customer service. At Rootstack we have helped our clients develop automated chat tools with which they have been able to successfully meet the needs of their users and visitors on their websites.


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What is an AI Chatbot?


A chatbot tool is among the most used by companies on their websites to maintain constant contact with their customers and users. This feeds on the information that the developer adds to it, in addition to using artificial intelligence elements to be able to respond to people's concerns.


But what is an artificial intelligence chatbot? In an article shared by the Giosg website, they explain "AI chatbots are software programs that understand spoken or written human language based on natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.


"This means that an AI chatbot can detect the intent of a query that a user enters and provide the best response it deems appropriate. Machine learning is also an important aspect of AI chatbots as it allows AI chatbots to learn and improve more or less according to the experience".


Do not hesitate any longer and contact us, we can help you develop the chatbot platform that will allow your website visitors to obtain all the information they are looking for and convert them into your potential clients, increasing the productivity and profits of your company.


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