How to conduct an emotional interview with an IT staff augmentation agency

July 08, 2024

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Companies are looking for ways to optimize their processes, improve efficiency and create innovative software, motivated by this technological and digitalized reality. They often turn to hiring an IT staff augmentation agency to gain the experience and resources necessary to achieve their goals. However, choosing the right partner for this crucial journey can be a challenge.


This is where the importance of an effective interview comes into play. The first conversation helps you get to know the skills and experience of the IT staff augmentation agency. It also lays the foundation for a successful long-term collaboration.


In this blog we will help you do an effective interview with IT staff augmentation agencies. You will be able to make the best decision for your software project.


it staff augmentation agency


Preparation prior to the interview with the IT staff augmentation agency

You cannot appear unprepared for the interview with the IT staffing agency. As the leader of your company, it is important that you clearly understand what you need from the technology provider for your project.


Ask yourself the following questions: What type of skills and technical experience does your project require? What is the schedule and budget? What work methodologies do you prefer? The answers will help you understand what you need and ask relevant questions to evaluate the responses from the IT staff augmentation agency.


Aspects to evaluate in the interview with the IT staff augmentation agency

  • Explore the provider's capabilities

Start the interview by inquiring about the general experience of the IT staff augmentation agency.


What industries and projects have you worked in previously? What methodologies and tools do they use? How do you manage quality and communication? This information will give you an idea of ​​their approach and experience in delivering successful projects.


  • Evaluate the IT staff augmentation agency team

The success of your project depends largely on the quality of the team assigned to you. Research how many people work at the IT staff augmentation agency, their qualifications and experience for your project. Look for companies that can demonstrate a track record of success in assigning suitable teams to similar projects.


it staff augmentation agency


  • See how they manage their processes

Understand how the IT staff augmentation agency manages projects on a regular basis.


How do you define requirements and deliverables? How do you manage change and risks? What are your communication and reporting processes? Make sure their methodologies are aligned with yours to ensure smooth and efficient collaboration.


"Project management is crucial to ensuring that there is a clear plan that describes how to achieve the team's strategic objectives. Without project management, teams do not have clear instructions or a defined methodology. Projects lack focus, with diffuse objectives, leaving the team without direction", they explained in an article on The Digital Project Manager portal.


  • Consider the culture of the IT staff augmentation agency

The company culture and its ability to adapt to your work environment are crucial aspects that should not be overlooked. Evaluate if the culture of the IT staff augmentation agency is compatible with you. Also, check if their equipment can easily adapt to your way of working.


According to an Outsource Accelerator article, cultural differences can cause communication problems and conflicts in a company, affecting beliefs, norms, behaviors, knowledge and skills.


it staff augmentation agency


  • Don't just evaluate technical skills

Technical skills are important, but they are not everything. Look for IT staff augmentation agencies that demonstrate strong communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills. A good IT provider will understand your business needs and work closely with you to achieve your goals.


"When people interact with colleagues, clients, or customers, they can use interpersonal skills to improve their work. Improving communication skills among employees is crucial for success at work and career advancement", according to an article on Indeed.


it staff augmentation agency


  • Concluding the interview

At the end of the interview, summarize the key points discussed and reiterate your expectations. Ask for references from previous projects and any other information you consider necessary to make an informed decision.


Remember, the interview is a two-way street. Take the opportunity to evaluate whether the IT staff augmentation agency understands your vision, is aligned with your values, and can be a valuable partner on your journey to software success.


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