How does Shopify work? Here we explain everything about this e-commerce

September 07, 2022

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The new normal today is that we can buy everything through an online store or e-commerce. The digital transformation of traditional companies has been advancing in recent years, but it is true that the pandemic accelerated this process much more. Not being able to leave home due to the outbreak of Covid-19, purchases became almost entirely online, so physical stores had to go digital overnight.


Shopify has been a great ally in these business changes and transformations, as it provides companies with a functional, intuitive and secure platform to create their personalized e-commerce. In 2020 alone, Shopify generated almost 3 billion dollars in 2020, which is evidence of the constant growth of this platform and the predilection that companies have for it.


Let's start by defining what Shopify is


Although we have already released a couple of details about how Shopify works, we will define it for you: it is an e-commerce platform that gives companies the opportunity to create their e-commerce in a fast, secure and personalized way, in a short time. 




“Shopify is aimed at all types of audiences, with or without technical knowledge, even if they do not know what Shopify is, being an ideal platform for beginners who want to get into e-commerce and launch their own digital business. Shopify's learning curve is minimal, compared to other much more complex platforms", they explained on the Shopify website.


One of the most attractive features of Shopify is that, within its plans, domain registration and hosting of your e-commerce website is included, so this aspect will be very easy.


Another of the benefits of Shopify and its platform is that its loading speed is high, which guarantees an excellent user experience. In addition, it is cross-platform, so users can easily from a computer, tablet or cell phone.




According to figures shared by the Shopify & You portal, mobile traffic represents 79% of traffic on websites created in Shopify, which is a guarantee of their good performance on mobile devices.


What is the predominant industry on Shopify?


You must be clear that Shopify offers an e-commerce platform that adapts to any type of industry. But one of the most predominant items on this platform is fashion.


“While Shopify stores host a variety of products, fashion is the number one market. As of April 2021, there were nearly 75,500 Shopify stores selling clothing. The second largest category was home and garden with 33,800 stores. Only 6,200 stores sold parts for cars and trucks”, they detailed on The Social Shepherd portal.




By creating an e-commerce on Shopify, the success and reach of your business is practically guaranteed, with the 2.1 million daily active users on the platform. "Yes, Shopify has over 2 million active users, spread across over 1 million businesses", they noted in a report published on Hosting Pill.


How Shopify works


When you go to create your e-commerce in Shopify, these are the first steps to follow:


Create your brand


If you already have it, perfect, you can use the brand you used in your physical store. If you start completely from scratch, it is essential that you create a brand, a name that represents your product or service and a logo.


Create the store


Shopify gives you tools to make building your store a positive, hassle-free process. There is a wide range of free and paid themes for you to install and start customizing your store design. In this step you can also create the categories of the products that you are going to sell, create your own identity as an online business.




“Choose from over 70 free and paid professional shop themes. Easily customize colors, images, and fonts. It is not necessary that you have design knowledge”, they emphasized in this article.


Develop your online presence


In this step, you will be able to create a personalized web address that can be positioned in search engines, and through which users can easily find you on the Internet. You'll be able to put the finishing touches on your e-commerce website customization using free, high-resolution photos.


At every step of this journey, you will have the support of Shopify. A help center is available with necessary documentation on how e-commerce made on Shopify works, and companies can also access personalized attention by phone.


Shopify is an excellent platform that not only serves to sell your products and the Internet, but also has a comprehensive control panel that offers detailed information about the business, so that you can track sales and orders. All this data will allow you to enhance your marketing strategies in order to give your business a better direction and increase sales.


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