How to improve the customer experience?

June 18, 2021

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The business management made to our customers must exceed expectations, not only follow up by phone or mail from time to time, but knowing their interests to offer additional services as a benefit to a possible new sale.

With personalized experiences we will achieve the fidelity and recommendation of our clients towards third parties positively.

How can I improve the experience of my clients in my site or web application?

By 2018, more than 50% of companies will switch their investments to innovation in technology expertise (Source)

The customer experience or CX is defined as a set of experiences that a client has with a company over time.

The better experiences you provide your clients, the greater the probability of retaining each customer, generating new business and sales opportunities.

As a competitive advantage you will achieve effective customer retention, offering new experiences, special promotions or focused on their interests.

You must identify the current channels of your company and define improvements oriented to the customer experience.

Studies highlight that 21% of companies do not respond to online chat requests (Source)

For example, add comment section, online chat, account information, among others. Allowing the customer access the company from anywhere.

As a company we must focus on the response time that will be crucial to provide an excellent experience to our customers.

The 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience.

The personalized attention and availability that is provided to each of the clients will be crucial for the improvement in their experience as a customer.

If a customer requests information from any available channel and does not receive special attention or quick responses, he will surely seek another provider or complain about his service on a public channel or with other potential customers directly.

The customer experience success will not only depend on the automated tools you manage, also on your team.

Motivation and training on new customer service practices will help the company with positive customer experience.

The experience of the customer is something that requires a lot of attention, we must focus our resources on the personalization of each experience, standing among the competition with success and giving good impressions from the first approach with our company.

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