Jira Software vs Microsoft Teams: we compare the features of each

May 25, 2022

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Teamwork has become essential at this time, especially after the pandemic: millions of people began to work remotely, without sharing physical space with their colleagues, which was a challenge for these teams. How to track projects? How to keep team tasks organized? They were just two of the recurring questions.


Given this scenario, many companies began to implement team and project management software and platforms, such as Jira and Microsoft Team, in order to effectively manage their teams and all the tasks involved. Both have different origins but the same goal: to keep teams organized and clear on what they have to do.


What is Jira Software?


We can start by talking about what Jira Software is and how it impacts teams. It is a software development tool that enables agile teams to track users and tasks. Everyone's work is much more visible because it's organized on the same board, in a clean and intuitive way.




The great thing about Jira is that, although it comes with templates for you to start organizing your teams, these templates can be adapted to your company: that is, this software fully adapts to your requirements. It even adapts to the number of employees you have on your team: Jira Software works seamlessly whether your team is one person or 20,000.


“One of the reasons Atlassian's Jira project management software is so popular is its flexibility. Over 65,000 businesses of all kinds use the software today, so each organization uses it in its own individual way. The flexibility of the tool is due to its individual adaptability, along with thousands of applications and integrations that extend the standard functions of the software”, explained in an article published by the Atlassian community, the creators of Jira Software.


More and more companies are using Jira Software, not only those dedicated to software development but also those focused on the service area, because it can be perfectly configured to the needs of the teams, whatever the industry.


Within this platform, tasks are created in different columns, to each task you can add a description, a due date and a priority: "In addition, Jira offers its users functions to track the time of tasks and create reports based on time used. Your team's job performance can be monitored by those reports very effectively.


What is Microsoft Teams? The other option for equipment management


The purpose of Microsoft Teams is to facilitate work and collaboration in teams. It offers all the tools so that each one of the members is communicated, organized and connected in the same interface.


microsoft teams


Some people have a misperception of Microsoft Teams, thinking that it is just a “chat”: they really are wrong. More than 330 thousand companies around the world use this platform to coordinate teams from different perspectives. For example, this chat is more than that, as it can be integrated with One Note and Office to share documents without leaving the window. You can even have video and audio calls while staying in the same chat window.


When creating meetings, in the same invitation that you create in the platform's calendar, you can attach files and add the agenda so that all meeting participants are aware. At the end of the meeting, users can also access the recording of the call. No one misses any detail.


One of the most common problems in teams is that, between so many communication channels such as chats and emails, information can get lost. With Microsoft Teams, this problem no longer exists, since all team communication can be managed from this tool, putting all the flows in order.


Jira Software vs Microsoft Teams: we compare the features of both


Features of Microsoft Teams


  • You can create teams and channels so everyone on the same team works together, with all the data they need at hand.


microsoft teams


  • Microsoft Teams offers a chat for employees to talk about everything related to their tasks and projects, thus bringing communication together on the same work platform. There are individual chats, group chats and meeting chats.




  • You can create video and audio meetings, with options like “Raise your hand” and group chay so you don't interrupt whoever is speaking. It also allows you to send reactions in real time and present screens or documents.
  • A calendar is available to keep track of tasks and meetings more effectively.




  • It has an “Activity” section, where people can catch up on unread messages or mentions within the platform.
  • In the “Search” box, you can quickly find everything from files to people you want to contact.
  • You can download Microsoft Team not only on your computer, but also on Android and iOS devices.


Jira Software Features


  • Jira Software provides Scrum boards for agile teams to break down project tasks in a clear and manageable way. You work with sprints to maintain concentration and move faster.




  • Roadmaps can be created so that the team stays in sync and on top of all the tasks that need to be done. In this way, all the work is visible and transparent to the entire team, which allows more informed and timely decisions to be made.




  • This platform generates detailed reports on team performance: "Jira Software's out-of-the-box reports and dashboards give teams critical insights in the context of their work so they're always up-to-date and primed for success," Jira explained. on your website.




  • Workflows within Jira are customizable, adapting to any industry.
  • You can integrate more than 3,000 applications to Jira.


Now that you've read about the features and benefits of both Jira Software and Microsoft Teams, do you feel like you need such a platform to manage your teams? At Rootstack, we can guide you on this. Contact us!


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