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June 18, 2021


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There are factors that give negative experiences about the customer service of the company that can not only mean that the customer gives up buying or decides not to do so, but also decides to tell their bad experience to other potencial customers.

This blog will serve to avoid these common mistakes that could be affecting in the loyalty and retention of its customers in your company that the experience is tailored to the interest of the client and the response times are minimal.

Communicate more than 2 people your concern, wait in line more than a minute and in the end do not resolve immediately their queries will be signs of poor customer service.

The speed at which queries and responses are received on online applications or other means of communication available will affect the client's decision-making.

Common mistakes

1. Not knowing the interests and expectations of the client

As an initial plan in our company we must think about the type of audience we want to manage, not taking into account the customer's particular needs, interests and preferences will be crucial in customer service.

Contact a potential client and offer a service based on their interests and preferences will meet their expectations for the personalized treatment.

2. Provide few means of communication

It is important to provide multiple communication channels, if access to your support team is only by phone or mail, the customer will not feel a personalized support or good customer service.

We must extend the coverage, online chat from a web application, mail, direct telephone or other tool designed to consult quickly and effectively

3. Constant training

It is true that we have professionals in each area, necessary in our company but, in order to achieve excellent customer service, it is indispensable to establish parameters for a complaint or bad comment received from our clients.

Thinking that customer service should be part of the employee is a wrong concept.

The company must train all staff, not only those who are in direct contact with the client with parameters established according to the company on the quality of customer service that you want to provide.

4. Do not reward customer

In order to retain customers, it will be possible to create rewards strategies for more loyal customers with promotions, special discounts depending on the services or products offered by the company.

By making personalized reminders about what has been contracted with our company, sending congratulations for birthdays, years of service, among others will contribute a positive impact on the client as a personalized service to your unique profile.

5. Do not measure results and satisfaction

It is important to measure the correct fulfillment of the customer service, not only to verify that our team is following the established standards but to avoid errors and to verify the improvement of the service over time.

You will be able to measure satisfied customers, waiting for response, customers who want to give up the contract, motive and solution provided helping to generate new specific strategies.

6. Do not consider customer service as essential

We must understand the value that customers have in our company, not to consider a query, complaint, request or general comment is critical.

The service provided to customers must be the company's #1 priority.

7. Do not reward the team for their performance

Our team is the reflection of the values ​​of the company, they will be in charge of expressing to clients the business processes adapted to the interests as client.

We will be able to reward our team for the positive performance given to each client to encourage and achieve higher results to the initial expectation.

8. Do not react to customer complaints

Complaints by customers are very difficult to avoid, either because of the number of customers, employees or services that are handled we will have a percentage of monthly complaints.

It is in our strategy or business objective to avoid mostly negative comments and complaints about what we offer.

For this, it is essential that our team is prepared with action plans to avoid the loss of customers for bad experiences and see in such a way that the customer is rewarded.

Avoiding these 8 factors will help you strengthen and provide excellent customer service with the support of your employees.

As a benefit of the company you will be able to measure the results over time and generate new strategies that exceed the customer experience.