Comparison ERP Next vs Odoo: know its characteristics

January 10, 2022

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A company is like a gear: it is made up of different pieces that make all operations run as efficiently as possible. The Accounting area is in charge of the accounts, in Inventory, they are monitoring that all parts or products are correctly listed, as well as in the Customer Service area they are attending to the requirements they may have. Odoo and ERPNext are tools that bring help to these departments. 


But these and other operations can be complicated if you do not have software that allows you to organize all these procedures, digitizing and automating all the data. To take care of this there are ERPs, whose acronym stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, they are platforms that facilitate the management of resources in a company.


What is Odoo?


We can define Odoo as a scalable ERP that gives companies the ability to integrate sales, customer management, website creation, warehouse management, accounting, inventory management, and much more in one place.


Odoo is a business management software that allows the user to manage all the departments of the company in one place, at their whim and convenience, with functional and modern tools.


ERP Next vs Odoo comparison


In the ERP platform market, there are two that have stood out for being especially functional and modern: Odoo and ERPNext, which perfectly fit the needs of today's companies, regardless of their size.


These are two open-source ERPs that solve systematization needs for commercial, administrative, accounting, financial, factory, production, and after-sales departments.


Characteristics that define ERPNext


In the case of this ERP, companies must take into account these functionalities and characteristics of the tool:




  • ERP Next functionalities apply in a standard way, with a very basic customization and adjusting precisely to the flows that departments such as accounting, sales, support, inventory, among others, may have.
  • It complies with all legal regulations and allows to achieve the expected results, with very reasonable implementation and development costs.
  • It can be implemented by small and medium-sized companies that find in ERP Next the way to manage their companies in an easy and economical way.




Characteristics that define Odoo


When talking about efficient ERP platforms, one has to talk about Odoo. These are the specifications of this software:




  • It is a very powerful tool that solves the flows of the aforementioned departments in a modular way. That is, for each department there is a module so that it can be administered.
  • There are more than 150 applications available on the Odoo platform to customize the management of your company. These apps are created by the large community of Odoo users in Community and Enterprise versions.
  • It stands out for being sophisticated and friendly.
  • It has high levels of customization adapting to small, medium and large companies.
  • Among its most recognized clients are companies such as Danone, Toyota, Hyundai, with thousands of employees.
  • Entrepreneurs also find in Odoo an efficient solution to solve personalized flows of small and medium companies.


what is odoo


By looking at these features of Odoo and ERP Next, you can compare each of their functionalities and see which software is best suited to the needs of your business today. Do you want to know more about ERP? Contact us!

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