See the benefits of the Open Source Ticket Request System (OTRS)

June 18, 2021


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Any company today is in need of a solution to handle their tickets, usually these tickets are aimed at customer service, internal service between collaborators and requests for help, the question today is:


What is an OSTRS Open Source Ticket System?


The Open Source Ticket System or OTRS, are free applications that allow us to manage incidents and requests for services in an organized and automated way in order to provide adequate technical support and facilitate any other interaction with your customers or users. These incidents and requests are received based on tickets sent by users, which are stored and delivered in various ways such as by telephone or email, to the operator in charge of managing it, keeping track of each activity.


What options do we have as OSTRS:


- OS Ticket




-  Zammad


- Create a custom ticketing system, this option is often made


The main benefits we have when implementing a ticket system, both open and private are:


- Automate the customer support process


- Have our centralized customer service data, one place to find the information


- That the final client and the team that performs the service feel more comfortable resolving situations / tasks from day to day.


- To have more visibility of the organization to be able to have a clearer view of how to prioritize and see how the flow is handled