Vue.js vs React: what are the functionalities of each?

August 29, 2022

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When it comes to JavaScript-based frameworks, there are two that immediately jump out as favorites: Vue.js and ReactJS. Both are used by developers to work the frontend side of web pages and are one of the fastest in their field.


What is Vue.js?


Vue.js is a progressive framework created by Evan You in 2013 while working at Google and released in 2014, gaining popularity almost instantly and becoming a favorite of many developers when building single page applications.


As well as being progressive, Vue.js is powered by JavaScript and works not only for building single page applications, but also for designing user interfaces, as well as being used for both desktop and mobile applications when combined with the Electron framework.


What is ReactJS for?


For its part, ReactJS is an open-source library developed by a team at Facebook to create single-page app user interfaces. This library was born due to a performance problem suffered by the social network application, which had been working with a typical system of links between views and data, but due to a large number of connections between both layers, the performance of the application was affected.




ReactJS Features


One of the most popular frontend technologies today, ReactJS has features that put it at the top of the list for millions of developers that make up its community around the world. Let's take a look at the most important ones:


Virtual DOM


ReactJS has the peculiarity of using a virtual DOM, with this it does not lose performance while manipulating the interface manually. A virtual DOM is just a representation of the DOM, which allows that every time the state is changed, its virtual representation is updated and not the real one. In simple words, a virtual DOM is represented as a tree. Each element is a node present in this tree, if the state of any of these changes, it causes the creation of a new virtual DOM tree different from the previous one.


A JSX syntax


Having a JavaScript syntax like JSX is one of the most useful features of ReactJS. This allows the developer to write the basic components in a simple and fast way, which makes the development of the application or website easier.


Have React Native


It's not officially a ReactJS feature, but React Native is a framework that uses native components, which makes it as easy as possible to develop in ReactJS for Android and iOS apps. React Native works by transforming ReactJS code and making it compatible for mobile platforms, providing access to native features.


Declarative UI


This feature makes React code more readable and easier to fix errors. React is the best platform to develop user interfaces focused on emotion and visual appeal, not only for web applications but also for mobile applications.


Component-based architecture


When building a UI with ReactJS it will be made up of several components allowing developers to stream data through the app without affecting the DOM. Interface components are crucial when it comes to deciding on app visuals and their interactions.




What can be achieved with Vue.js and what are its advantages?


Vus.js has several features that give it a huge advantage over ReactJS, here we summarize the most important ones for developers and software agencies:




Perhaps anyone thinks that this is not important, but Vue.js and its 18 KB of weight make it an ideal framework for a fast download and thus store it on devices with low memory capacity, this even positively impacts the SEO of the website. website and UX.


Split components into individual files


When creating an application or web page with VueJS, each part of this project is broken down into individual components, represented as encapsulated elements in its interface. These components can be written in HTML, CCS, and JavaScript, this being another advantage.


This feature is ideal when unit testing to see if even the smallest parts of the application or web page work on their own.


 Learning curve


VueJS is one of the friendliest frameworks for all developers who are just starting out in the world of programming and creating web pages and mobile applications. It is not completely necessary to have knowledge of JSX and TypeScript when starting to write code with Vue.js, elements that are essential in any other technology that works on the frontend of an application or website.


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