Salesforce is the CRM of the moment and the most demanded business platform

October 14, 2021

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Salesforce, the most efficient business platform. It is one of the most efficient and demanded CRM platforms by companies today, since it allows to manage the relationship with customers in an agile, easy and safe way.


What is Salesforce? It is the next generation of spreadsheets.


For example, let's say you have a spreadsheet where you have all the budget invested for a home project. Several people have access to this spreadsheet but you want one of the columns, where what has been spent on each material is detailed, not be seen by a specific person.


To achieve this, you must start using Salesforce. To access Salesforce you don't have to download anything, you just access it from your web browser. Columns, rows, and more are identical to any spreadsheet, but Salesforce goes beyond the basics.


Salesforce excels at making each row a lone unit, this is one of the big differences between it and Excel. In the Microsoft application, you only have a group of data put together in a network, on the other hand in Salesforce, everything is very clean and orderly in records, these at the same time have structure and you can edit what you write in each box, or numbers or letters.


One of the outstanding features of Salesforce is that each record contains metadata, this means that you can see who created it and the entire history of their edits.


Other features that make Salesforce one of the best options for your spreadsheet


Using Salesforce, it allows you to hide one of the columns of data for a specific profile. You can even show custom records to a profile and hide from it those that you don't want it to see, for example if it is an expense column, you can hide those that are greater than 200 dollars, for example, and leave visible all those that are less than this digit.


At Rootstack we have been able to solve our clients' problems using Salesforce


For one of the most prestigious insurance companies in Latin America, with a presence in several countries, the Rootstack team presented a plan to help them automate and modernize all their processes, thus achieving better customer service.


The company needed to update its systems, unifying its databases on a single platform in order to better monitor each of its customers and contacts.


Then, the team of experienced Rootstack software engineers executed the migration of all the company's data to Salesforce, the CRM with which they decided to start managing the entire relationship with their clients in this stage of modernization of their company.


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