What is BPM? Is it Right for my Business?

June 18, 2021

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A Business Process Management (BPM) software is a business solution that seeks to automate repetitive tasks. The tools and programs of a BPM can help companies keep track of their daily processes and keep a record of behaviors. It also eliminates barriers, controls costs and increases effectiveness.


With a process management software, a company can define flows, manage users, define and monitor roles, make reports, upload files, optimize, execute and design processes, etc.


What are the Benefits of BPM Based Solutions?

With a BPM, your company would be receiving complete management of the life cycle of business processes. With the help of BPM software, companies gain several benefits, such as:


  • Adaptability: A BPM makes it easy to adapt to upcoming changes in the business environment. The high adaptability that comes from a BPM allows companies to focus process management on different clients by modeling new process ideas that focus on the client. A good business process management solution will allow companies to test changes before implementing them in production situations and to be able to modify them according to the different needs of the company and its customers.


  • Fewer errors: By automating tasks, a BPM helps standardize a company's processes. This makes it easier for a company to keep the quality level under control and minimize errors.


  • Cost efficiency: By facilitating operations and collaboration, as well as automating tasks, companies can lower costs while improving productivity as employees can spend more time on activities that add more value and have a need for human imput.


  • Good communication: With BPMs, communication between the departments that develop a joint project is improved. Once the best type of BPM software is in place, the business will be receiving help designing, managing, and even executing the most complex and tedious tasks.


    Are you Interested in Implementing a BPM in your Business but don't Know Where to Start?


    Currently, there are many BPM solutions. Here at Rootstack we evaluate some BPM software such as ProcessMaker, BonitaSoft, Alfresco Activiti, among others, and we are available for consultation services. Contact us if you want us to better guide your business towards the best BPM solution for your current and future needs.