Why is communication so important in the partner's culture?

August 13, 2021


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Those who work in the area of technology naturally give a lot of weight to the technical skills and tools used by engineers and software developers, but the social and communication skills that the professional has should not be underestimated.


A very skilled but quiet software engineer, who does not know how to express himself or present ideas, does not get very far in a work environment or in his projects. Simply because effective and timely communication is essential for a project to move forward and tasks run correctly, according to plan.


Look at this example: imagine that a developer is working on the mobile application of an insurance company. It's a nifty resource on the team, but suddenly he finds that the data migration didn't run properly and the app is throwing errors. If this professional does not know how to communicate this bug in a timely manner, it will not only remain uncorrected but will continue to affect the development of the app in the future, which is a waste of money and time for both the team and the client.


Why is communication so important in the partner's culture?


Due to these types of scenarios and many more, it is necessary that you not only evaluate your partner from a technical point of view, but also from a social perspective: he must have communication skills so that he can adapt and work as a team, communicating doubts, errors and status. of the projects.


Within the partner's business culture there must be an emphasis on team communication, based on respect and collaboration. When we talk about teamwork, we can take the example of a soccer team: everyone works in unity, as one, to achieve the common goal, to win the game. And that is the philosophy that we apply and that must prevail in an IT team.




Culture also refers to those values, attitudes, and practices on which a team bases its work. Although it is impossible for the partner and your company to have an identical culture, they must agree on the key points so that the working relationship is harmonious, fruitful, and respectful. 


If you do not sympathize with the partner's business culture, the routine will be a path of thorns full of misunderstandings, confusion, and communication failures that will throw your project to failure.


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