Why Hire an IT Staff Augmentation Company in Texas?

January 10, 2023

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it staff augmentation company texas


The classic work model for companies was as follows: directly hire a permanent team that would carry out all the tasks of the company, adapting to the workflow so that the load would sometimes exceed the staff. But today, this entire archaic model has changed thanks to the inclusion of IT Staff Augmentation services. It is a modality in which companies temporarily and remotely hire an external work team that injects capacity, experience and speed into projects. Software developers join the company's in-house team, to work directly on the projects they are developing. In this scenario, an IT Staff Augmentation company in Texas is a very good option.


it staff augmentation company texas


IT Staff Augmentation Company in Texas: Why Hiring Here Is Interesting


When we talk about the IT Staff Augmentation USA market, IT Staff Augmentation companies in Texas have to be named. In the United States, Texas is one of the states that is most committed to technology and innovation.


“In Texas, more than 17,600 technology companies employ more than 203,700 workers, and companies like Apple and Wipro continue to grow every day. Texas' long-established tech sector has invented everything from the semiconductor and the handheld calculator to a billion-dollar dating app", expressed in this regard in an article in Business In Texas.

it staff augmentation company texas

Likewise, the CompTIA organization ranked Texas as the #2 state with the most talent and employees in technology, so the market for professionals is very broad. Furthermore, it is not that there is technological talent in Texas, it is that more talent is migrating from other states and cities, due to the benefits that this area offers. So, looking for an IT Staff Augmentation company in Texas is an excellent idea to boost your project.


"Texas is very affordable for technology companies, has a high quality of life and is prepared to attract talent", provided a recent report by Tech Cities, cited by the BBC. And, being so attractive to talent, there is a wide range to choose an IT Staff Augmentation company in Texas.


Some of the largest companies in the technology industry have established themselves in Texas, such as IBM, Dell and ADM.


it staff augmentation company texas


IT Staff Augmentation Company in Texas: main skills of developers


  • Software developers in Texas are proficient in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, among others.
  • They have vast experience in web design and UX/UI design.
  • They handle the necessary languages to work with databases such as SQL.
  • They have knowledge of object-oriented programming.
  • Experience configuring cloud-based systems.
  • They design, develop and implement administrative and business applications.
  • They are also technology consultants for your most important projects.
  • They use innovative technology solutions to solve business problems.


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