Why should I learn software development methodology?

November 29, 2022

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software development


Software development is at its peak. Most of the companies in the world are turning to various technological tools and solutions, such as mobile applications and e-commerce sites, in order to increase the company's productivity and stay competitive in the market.


To develop a new software, several methodologies can be applied, all leading to the same goal: the creation of a multifunctional technological product that meets the needs of users.


Software development methodology


When talking about software development methodology, it refers to the process or processes that engineers and developers follow step by step when they are working on the design and creation of a new technological project, in order to guarantee its success in the end.


There are several key reasons for using a software development methodology, among which are:


  • A software development methodology provides a step-by-step process for teams to work through and helps provide clear communication to customers.
  • The right methodology can ensure everyone stays up to date and helps streamline the decision-making process.
  • A solid methodology will weed out non-high priority activities and keep all team members on track to complete them.


software development


Types of software development methodologies


There are several types of software development methodologies that are used by the best companies worldwide. We are going to talk about the best ones and what we apply in Rootstack to satisfy the demands of our international clients.


Agile software development


Agile software development is the ability to develop a software solution under specific requirements, timelines, and specifications through collaborative effort.


To be even more specific, Agile software development is simply a relatively new approach to software development that focuses on working on specific requirements through collaborative effort, organization, and cross-functional teams between the business and customers or users. 


You can think of it as a methodology that contains other different methods, practices, and approaches to software development through which software engineers can successfully create and finish any given project.


software development


Waterfall development methodology


It is a development methodology that is so called because each stage starts only if the previous one is completed. Follow an order of analysis, design, development, and testing. It is one of the most popular methodologies among engineers because of its due order and because it has clear goals and processes from the beginning.


This software development methodology involves an important movement of paperwork and communication between developer and client at the beginning, which is maintained throughout the entire creation process, so both parties will always be updated on how everything is going in the creation. of the technological project.


Lean development methodology


An article published by CodingDojo explains “With an extreme emphasis on maximizing efficiency and reducing waste, the lean development methodology is becoming a critical framework within agile development. By delivering only what the product needs and doesn't want, the lean development methodology is now a big hit in technology.”


At Rootstack we have a team of experts who can apply these development methodologies to your project, ensuring that it is completed successfully and that your company can quickly have the mobile application or web page that it needs so much. Contact us to start working together and lead the market making use of new technology trends in your favor.


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