Why you should do a discovery phase before starting a software development project for a new or existing product

April 18, 2023

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We normally want to start to work right away on an idea, but more often than not during the development phase of a project we realize that what seemed like a good approach to solve a need is not and we encounter limitations and drawbacks, this is why doing a discovery phase before starting developing can benefit us.


The discovery phase is where the development team explores, identifies, and analyzes the project's requirements, objectives, and scope.


The discovery phase typically involves the following stages



In this stage, the development team researches the problem the software aims to solve and the market needs. They identify the target audience, competitors, and potential challenges that might arise during the development process.


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Requirement gathering

This stage involves collecting detailed requirements from the stakeholders, such as the clients, users, and other team members. The requirements can include functional and non-functional requirements, design specifications, technical constraints, and project timelines.



Once the requirements are gathered, the development team analyzes them to identify any gaps or inconsistencies. They refine the requirements and create a comprehensive project plan. Learn more about software development cycle.



In this stage, the development team creates a preliminary version of the software that allows them to test and validate the project's feasibility. The prototype can be a paper prototype, wireframe, or a clickable model.


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User testing

The development team conducts user testing to get feedback from the target audience and evaluate the prototype's usability, functionality, and performance. Based on the feedback, they can make necessary modifications to the software.



The development team documents the findings and recommendations from each stage of the discovery phase to ensure that all team members have a shared understanding of the project.


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Overall, the discovery phase helps ensure that the software development team fully understands the problem they are trying to solve and that the project's requirements are aligned with the clients' needs and expectations. This understanding is crucial for the development team to deliver a successful project that meets the stakeholders' objectives and achieves the desired outcomes.

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