Why you should pick outsourcing providers from Latin America

June 18, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation

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Software outsourcing represent a huge advantage fort small, medium d big companies that don’t have the time, workforce or resources to create a software solution by themselves.


However, the thing with outsourcing is the fact there are way too many options where to choose from, which makes company’s jobs of deciding which provider to pick a bit more difficult.


If you are a company who is currently looking to outsource their software development process but don’t know where to start, you might want to start by looking at options from Latin America.


Years back, Asian and European countries were the focus of companies looking for outsourcing providers, however, with nearshore development becoming more and more popular these days, companies are starting to look at Latin America, and for various good reason.



software outsourcing


More talent to pick from

According to studies made by Stack Overflow, Latin america has an incredible population of 21 million software engineers who are currently available and working actively in the market.


This means there is way more talent to pick from when you look at options from Latin America. As a company who is looking for their next outsourcing provider have a wide range of options to choose form is always good, specially when these options include qualified people who will be able to take on your project as needed.


By working with outsourcing teams in Latin America you'll gain access to their talent pool, and will be able to find a much more suitable choice for your company.


Relatively similar time zones

Another reason why people have stopped looking at India and other Asian countries to outsource their software development process is the very obvious difference between time zones, which most of the time makes it really hard to keep an estable work relationship.


However, by choosing to work with a nearshore development provider from Latin America you will be working with someone who is in a revery similar time zone to yours, or even in the same time zone as you are.


software outsourcing


Similar working cultures

Another very important reason why you should pick outsourcing providers from Latin America is the fact they are more likely to share similar working culture as your own company, which we all know, is key for a relationship like this one to work.


Working alongside a team or nearshore provider that meets your own working culture and knows how to handle a project under similar rules to your own will make this process a success.


Lower costs

It isn’t a secret for anyone that choosing to outsource your software development process with a nearshore development team from Latin America can be beneficial when it comes to costs.


Latin America offers companies much lower costs than if you were to outsource your process with a onshore or in-house team, which could cost you even the double than just working with a Latin American team.


software outsourcing


No communication barrier

Latin America is one of the regions with more english proficiency, with countries like Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico surpassing Asian countries when it comes to english proficiency, and even more Latin America countries investing in their education to make sure their population can efficiently communicate in english.


Like we have said, communication is key in these types of project, and working with a nearshore development team from this region who can actually communicate efficiently with you, will save you a lot of trouble.


Better quality

According to a study made by Stack Overflow, reputations of Latin American engineers and developers are higher than engineers from other countries. To be more specific, countries like Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Chile have the top engineers in the region, with spotless reputations and a great portfolio to showcase any company that wants to work with them.


To tum things up, Latin America is a region that has too many great things to offer when it comes to the software outsourcing market, and as a company, you need to take this into consideration when picking your next nearshore development provider.


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