Will mobile applications replace websites?

November 08, 2022

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We live in a world that goes on the go: people do not stop to “smell the flowers” ​​as the saying goes, they are constantly busy and always with their cell phone in hand, one that works for them to keep busy and also to search and receive information, that is why mobile applications are on the rise, but will they replace websites?


We think that, to answer this question, you must first turn to numbers and statistics.


Number of websites in the world


There are currently 1.14 billion websites that can be accessed from the internet. It is an impressive number indeed, but you have to read the fine print: only 17% of these pages are active, the other 83% are inactive and have not been updated for a long time.


Although 17% of more than a billion pages is a powerful number, it is also a red alert for websites: the public may be migrating towards mobile applications, and this is an aspect that they must take into account for the near future. and offer accessible options from mobile devices such as phones or tablets.


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Mobile applications: how many are there in the world


With over 6 billion smartphone users, the mobile app market is at its best. These are joined by the 1.14 billion people who use tablets in their day to day, whether for work, studies or to stay informed and updated on social networks.


These numbers are a sign that the majority, the vast majority of people in the world have downloaded and used at least one mobile application in the course of their lives, which has led companies and ventures to have a presence in this market.


In the Apple App Store there are 1.96 million mobile applications, while in the Google Play Store there are 2.87 million applications, which leads to a total of approximately 4.83 million mobile applications.


Advantages of a website




To access a website, you do not need to be on a computer, you can do it from any device that has an internet connection: a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet or even a video game console. A website can be navigated from various places, and this represents a great advantage over mobile applications.




A website is constantly updated due to the ease of doing so, a great difference to a mobile application that requires several hours of work by a team of experts.




It's very easy to access a website, all you need is a URL, or a quick Google search and you're done.


Internet search


When you are looking for information, having the entire internet at your disposal is very important and this is only offered by a website. In a mobile application you are limited to the information present there, without any other option.


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Advantages of mobile applications


Access to device tools


Mobile applications of any kind are developed to have access to all the device's tools such as the camera, contact list, telephone numbers, etc., so they can be more functional than a website.


You can access offline


One of the biggest advantages of mobile applications over websites is that the user can access them without having to be connected to the internet. Most apps offer a limited option for offline navigation, so you don't have to worry if you're in a place without coverage.




Mobile applications are literally within reach of our hands, from any device you can access one without problems. Websites, on the other hand, may load differently depending on the device.


Video game


The video game market is the one that has produced the most money in recent years and mobile applications benefit greatly from it since that is where they are, with millions and millions of users constantly downloading and updating.


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Will mobile applications replace websites?


No. Although the market for mobile applications is increasing every year, they will not completely replace websites, there will always be a space for both to shine because they cover different user needs.


There are times when a user will be able to perform certain actions on a website and on other occasions, they will need a mobile application to achieve their purpose, so it is always convenient for a company to have both options, thus fully satisfying the needs of its customers and cover a large market.


At Rootstack we are experts in the design and creation of websites and mobile applications, so if you want to improve the ones you already have or want to have a presence in the technological world, do not hesitate to contact us and we will start working to achieve your goal.


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