Drupal basic training

Drupal basic training

If you’re not using Drupal to manage your web projects or apps, do it. Drupal offers flexibility, quickness, order and ease for integration with other systems. That’s why websites like Harvard University, Warner Brothers Records and the White House use it. After attending this training, you’ll be able to involve more in your web projects’ management.

Activities and topics:

  • Web project initiation
  • Types of content
  • Structure
  • Translations
  • 2 - case study development
  • Common modules used in most projects
  • Web design: sub-themes, styling and panels creation
  • Module development
  • Website administration
  • Performance and scalability

Cost: $850 + 7% ITBMS per 6 days

*This training will take place at our office in Panama city, Panama and it'll be given in spanish. For offshore training, please contact us.

Time: 01:00 to 10:00
Registration: Open