Content Management System (CMS)



CMS stands for Content Management System. Basically, it is a software tool that allows the user or developer to create and manage a web page. Its main functions include the creation and subsequent management of a website, maintenance of the page, and administration.


We will teach you how to create a CMS using Drupal and how you can handle it without necessarily being an expert.


What constitutes a content management system?


On a more technical level, a content management system is made up of two main parts:


  • A Content Management Application (CMA): This is the part that allows you to add and manage content on your site (as you saw above).
  • A Content Delivery Application (CDA): This is the behind-the-scenes process that takes the content you input into the CMA, stores it properly, and makes it visible to your visitors.


Together, the two systems make it easy to maintain your website.


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