Red Hat: the best solution for cloud computing

Red Hat: the best solution for cloud computing

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Red Hat is one of the best solutions when it comes to cloud computing. On their official website, they explain: “Red Hat offers hardened open source solutions that make it easy for businesses to work across platforms and environments, from the central data center to the network edge. By operating in a transparent and accountable manner, we continue to be a catalyst in open source communities, helping them build powerful and flexible IT infrastructure solutions."


Advantages of using Red Hat


Among the advantages of using Red Hat is its certification for cloud computing, as they say on their official website "every cloud is unique, so you need a flexible and stable operating system."


In addition, they are focused on security, an essential aspect of Red Hat and its systems. Your company data will always be optimally and efficiently protected. In addition, it is compatible with new technologies, always adapting to new trends and systems that are appearing in the technology market.


Benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux




On their website, they explain: “Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides more than an operating system: it also connects you to Red Hat's extensive ecosystem of hardware, software, and cloud partners, and it comes with 24-hour support, 7 days a week. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is our latest release, but with access to all supported versions and a 10-year lifecycle, you can upgrade on your schedule and adopt new features as needed."


Automation and management


They continue detailing this great benefit “Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes Red Hat Insights, a managed service for analysis and remediation that provides continuous vulnerability alerts and specific guidance to help organizations maximize uptime and avoid emergencies. Plus, with the Red Hat Smart Management plug-in, you can automate the remediation process.”




With Red Hat, you can help your business simplify risk management, automate security processes, and comply with regulations. This technology includes built-in security features such as live kernel patching, security profiles, security standards certification, and a trusted software supply chain to help meet today's high security and compliance expectations.

What are the main features of Red Hat?
  • Improve the work process
  • Allows cross-platform and cross-portfolio integration
  • It's easy to install, with intuitive tools to help you get started quickly with Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Easy to use, as well as being able to build, start, stop, pause, migrate and other dynamic functions.
What is a Red Hat certification?

Certification with Red Hat can help individuals, teams, and organizations validate the knowledge needed to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Whether you're looking to take the next step in your career or trying to fill skills gaps at your company, we have certifications and exams to fit your needs.

Red Hat solutions apply to which companies?

It should be noted that, whatever the nature of your company, Red Hat adapts to all industries. Currently, its solutions are used in the automotive industry, and in the health sector, and also offer tools for the financial sector. Red Hat products are also useful for large and medium-sized companies and the public sector. Telecommunications companies also benefit from this technology.