What is React Native and what is it for?

What is React Native and what is it for?

Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, and Tesla have adopted this tool to develop their applications, and for this reason, React Native is one of the most popular frameworks at the moment.


React Native is an open-source technology developed by Facebook to create native and cross-platform mobile applications from the same code base written in JavaScript and React.


What does this mean? That solves the typical problem of creating an app that can be run on both Android and iOS, without having two separate projects in two programming languages, something that has become typical in app development.


React Native allows you to create mobile applications using React but it is not the same as React for the web but rather a React focused on apps, this means that when you develop, although you can use many React concepts such as components, state managers and others, You will no longer be using HTML elements, but now you will be using them with native mobile interface elements.


Main features of React Native


  • Written in JavaScript: rendered with native code.
  • React Native allows you to build truly native apps and doesn't compromise your user experiences.
  • React components wrap existing native code and interact with native APIs through React's declarative UI paradigm and JavaScript.
  • See your changes as soon as you save. With the power of JavaScript, React Native lets you iterate at lightning speed.
How does React Native work?

“React Native allows developers to build apps by triggering JS threads that interpret JavaScript code, creating a native bridge between the app and the target platform. The bridge concept takes advantage of the library and transfers the hierarchy of the component to the view of mobile devices”, they explained in this regard in DigitalYa.


React Native is built on top of React and uses the unique JavaScript code base to reuse code across multiple platforms. Unlike Ionic and many other cross-platform development frameworks, React Native renders native components by invoking platform-specific APIs.

Is React Native good for mobile game development?

Although it is true that React Native is very versatile, when developing mobile games, it seems to be not very effective and quite limited. In a Quora forum they recommended React Native if the game is something simple and with a not-so-complex animation, because if the game is too complex, the game will look slow and the device will heat up.

What are the benefits of React Native app development?
  • It allows companies to save time and money.
  • Applications with good performance are created.
  • Increases flexibility in development.
  • It allows developers to quickly view the changes they have made to the code.
  • Publish app updates faster.


React Native is an excellent tool for application development, saving time and money both in the creation and maintenance of it.