How to become a Backend Developer

February 16, 2022

Tags: Tech Trends


In recent years, the field of web page and application development has skyrocketed, now being one of the most sought after by young people when deciding on a profession. There is not a company left in the world without a digital presence, it is something vital for its advertising processes and to establish a direct relationship with the client, which makes a software engineer one of the vital pieces of each company, this in all its categories: Frontend, Backend and Fullstack.


In this blog, we will enter a little into the world of a Backend developer, we will explain the role that this person plays in the development of an application or website and the knowledge or skills that they must have to achieve expertise in this position.


What is a Developer Backend?


An application's data is stored on the server-side and then output to the client-side. This side of the server in an application or website is known as the Backend, the place where the internal operation of the applications is carried out, and this is where the work of the Backend developers is located.


A Backend developer is responsible for writing and executing the code that makes applications and websites work the way they are supposed to, this code is executed on the webserver. In addition to writing in the backend, these developers must be responsible for creating the APIs that the website's mobile application will use.


What does it take to become a Backend Developer?


We are going to detail the steps that must be followed to become a Backend developer, an expertise that can be of great help in your professional career and allow you to occupy high-income positions in companies.


1. Have basic knowledge of data structure and algorithms


Sometimes, people who are learning web development jump right into learning frameworks and their functions, unaware of the importance of gaining knowledge of data structure and algorithm basics. Every developer who wants to specialize in the Backend must have a basic idea about these processes, it is his duty to review the basic data structures, the queue, the linked list, the tree, the hashing, the algorithms of the classification and search, and other basics.


2. Master a programming language and choose the framework to specialize in


A web developer is not born overnight, it takes time to become a full developer, so you must take the time to properly learn a programming language, choosing among the most sought after today such as Python, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript.


Although you can learn several programming languages ​​at the same time, it is advisable to be proficient in only one first, this will give you a better chance of mastering a framework based on that language.


3. Acquire knowledge about basic concepts of databases


Learning how a database works is the best thing you can do if you're looking to become a backend developer. Most websites today have a storage system, so it is essential to learn about databases.


4. Manage frameworks perfectly


Depending on the programming language in which you specialized, you must choose a framework in which to become an expert. Whether it's Django or Ruby on Rails, either will help you write the application code, since they are working under the MVC (Model-View-Controller) principle. A framework will help you create templates and code that can be reused later.


5. Start creating and innovating


After practicing with the programming language and framework you chose, all that remains is to take the step to create and innovate in an increasingly competitive field. Write down all the project ideas you have, no matter how "dumb" they may seem, and then try to think about how to create them, what features they should have, and how it would apply to the real world.


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