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Rootnet CRM

Rootnet CRM is a business software designed to boost growth and productivity inside an organization. It was designed for companies to become their best version, improve relationships within their work team, customers, and also efficiently manage their resources.

Rootnet Intranet

Allow your collaborators to get to know each other and easily communicate through an interface using Rootnet Intranet. This solution will reinforce the community inside your business while streamlining communication and enhancing productivity.

Rootnet Servicedesk

A Service Desk solution will allow you to get instant support regarding IT incidents and handling any type of service request. Users can easily fill up tickets so their issues will be reviewed by IT experts.

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Rootnet Sync
  • Integration execution through CRON definition.
  • Integration testing with live results.
  • Manual integration execution.
  • Process filtering.
  • UX friendly interface for process management.
  • Process execution history.
  • Integrated code editor.
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Creation of web application to interconnect medical laboratories
Rootstack helped Spivey with a team of expert engineers working on creating a web application for medical laboratories.
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