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Automation using RPA is completely transforming business workflows.
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Dictionary.com define Marketing as "the act or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising."
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Learn all about automating sales and inventory with ERPNext. We advise you with valuable information.
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We explain the types of ecommerce and the similarities and differences between Online Store vs. Marketplace.
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BPM for the education industry
In any educational institute there are a series of processes that are key to its proper functioning. All of these flows can get great value from the application of a BPM.
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BPM for the Telecommunications Industry
Applying automation in the telecommunications industry through a BPM tool will help the company in the change it needs to face the technological present and the challenges that lie ahead in the future.
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BPM for the Healthcare Industry
A BPM, seeing it as both a discipline and a set of technological tools, is of great benefit to medical institutes. His main contribution is focused on analyzing, optimizing, creating harmony, and, eventually, automating workflows.
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BPM for the retail industry
By implementing automation in the retail industry, all the data generated in the transactions can be used effectively when you want to launch a promotional offer, and new products and reduce the abandonment rate.
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BPM for the banking industry
Creating value with BPM: A good understanding of the processes in the banking flow is essential to be clear about where automation can be implemented.
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BPM for the government sector
Governments around the world are using BPM tools to enter the era of "electronic government", a movement where they are migrating their services and processes to the internet and cloud computing.
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CMS Category Learning
Content Management Systems
Here you will find the basics of a CMS and all the functionalities of Drupal, an open-source CMS.
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What is cybersecurity?
Cybersecurity is nothing more than the protection we give our systems to have the least possible risk of digital attacks.
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cyber attack
What is a cyber attack? See what are the most common types
It is a malicious and deliberate attempt by an individual or an organization to break into the information system of another individual or another organization.
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Cypress: benefits of working with this testing tool
Cypress is a next-generation front-end testing tool created for the modern web.
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ERPNext Category Learning
ERPNext: Free and Open Source Cloud ERP Software
Learn the benefits and functionalities of ERP business management systems, such as ERPNext and Odoo.
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Odoo Category Learning
Odoo: Open Source ERP and CRM
Odoo is one of the ERP platforms most used by companies today. It allows to automate procedures and streamline the work flow.
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Concepts Category Learning
How to create an e-Commerce website in 7 simple steps
Read about the basics of an ecommerce, what is an online store and a MarketPlace and much more.
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Products Category Learning
Products Learning
We analyze the functionalities of Shopify and Magento, two of the most successful ecommerce platforms.
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Webinar Category Learning
Watch our webinars and optimize your business with information from experts in technology and business innovation.
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Mautic Category Learning
Mautic Email Marketing
We detail for you what Mautic is and why it is one of the most useful email marketing automation platforms.
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 IT Staff Augmentation
What is IT Staff Augmentation?
Today more than ever, outsourcing services such as IT Staff Augmentation have become very useful solutions for the company, especially when creating new products or improving existing ones.
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Managed Teams
What is Managed Teams? A model to outsource your IT project
Managed Teams execute decision-making more effectively, taking into account all the points of view of the team members. It is a more natural collaboration, in which everyone is focused on the final result.
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What is Project-Based Model and how can it help your company?
Software outsourcing is one of the strategies that companies are applying today to increase team productivity and carry out their projects faster and with higher quality.
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Tools for Automated QA
Learn about the best tools for automated quality control.
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Benefits of automated QA
The benefits of automated QA ideal to increase the productivity of your company.
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Automation Category Learning
What is Robotic Process Automation
Automation in companies can raise productivity and profits, lowering costs in the long run.
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Chatbots are nothing but a computer programs or software built to engage with any message they receive.
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Chatbot AI
Chatbot AI
Through Artificial Intelligence, these chatbots can solve any requirement that a user enters into the chat, understanding the need they have and channeling everything until a solution is found.
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red hat
Red Hat vs Kali Linux: what are their differences
Both Kali and Red Hat are two of the most widely used Linux cloud computing systems and effective solutions for thousands of companies worldwide.
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Selenium Components
Selenium provides a single interface that allows you to write test scripts in programming languages such as Ruby, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Python, and C#, among others.
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How Selenium Testing Drives Agile Development
Selenium provides a single interface that allows you to write test scripts in programming languages such as Ruby, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Python, and C#, among others.
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What is Alfresco and what is it used for?
Alfresco offers innovative content management solutions that connect, manage and protect the most important information of the company.
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What is Angular? Look at its main features
Angular stands out for offering the developer a good experience, while giving you several pretty powerful features as an option.
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AWS: Know the services of Cloud Computing Services
These services enable startups to grow faster, empower larger companies, and increase productivity while helping to reduce costs and innovate faster.
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 Microsoft Azure
What is Microsoft Azure and what does it offer?
This computing platform, created by Microsoft, offers you the security you need to know that your company and customer data will be safe in the cloud, backed by a community of experts.
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What is the .NET framework and what is it for?
Development with .NET is agile and fast. Create apps with amazing user experience while working with languages ​​like C# and Visual Basic.
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What is Laravel and what is it useful for?
Laravel is an open-source framework whose utility lies in developing web applications and services.
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What is Mulesoft and what does it offer?
Mulesoft offers companies a software platform capable of connecting almost all technologies in a standardized way.
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What is Python?
Among today's programming languages, Python stands out as one of the most popular.
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React native
What is React Native and what is it for?
React Native is an open-source technology developed by Facebook to create native and cross-platform mobile applications from the same code base written in JavaScript and React.
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What is Salesforce? Look at its benefits
Increase your sales with this platform with a clean, modern and friendly design. Salesforce is for you.
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What is Vue.js? Look at its features
Vue.js is a progressive framework created by Evan You in 2013 while working at Google and released in 2014.
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We explain what Symfony is and what you can achieve
Symfony is the leading PHP framework for building websites and web applications.
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Spring Boot
What is Spring Boot and what does it offer?
While the Spring Framework focuses on providing flexibility, Spring Boot seeks to reduce code length and simplify web application development.
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