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June 18, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation

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If you are a company that handles a large volume of customers a day, you have probably had the tedious task of dealing with every single customer questionrequest and complaint. In a way, this is one of the most important points within any industry, maintaining a good interaction with users has become an essential task.


To carry out these tasks it has become fashionable to use Chatbots, an application that helps simulate a conversation with a person by providing automatic responses to entries made by the user. usually, the conversation is carried out via text, but there are also applications such as Twilio that allow you to have multimedia messages.


Merging customer service with Chatbots is simple, and that's why they use of mobile apps is staged. We usually use the apps to manage your policies, take out or renew insurance, report claims, check your history and ask for advice and assistance. In this case, we will focus on the last point, how can we take advantage of chatbots to improve the experience of our usersat any time at any place.





How can we take advantage of chatbots to improve the experience of our users

Build smart conversations

Every conversation has a purpose. The chatbots' text and speech recognition engine interprets the conversations to to determine the user's intent and performs specific tasks based on their objective. Within the settings, you select and customize specific tasks for the Chatbot to perform based on the needs of your users.


Train your bots with the correct data

Your business is not static. Your bots shouldn't be either. Before implementation, you can train your bots using existing call transcripts, chat logs, and more, all from one platform. Once deployed, make sure your bots improve with each conversation by training them with the new conversation data.




Deploy bots that work with your business logic

You need to be there for your customers anytime, anywhere. Simply instruct your chatbot to perform a task and deploy that bot in any channel, from Mobile App to WhatsApp.


Conversations to transfer the bot to the agents are seamless

The chatbots work under specific parameters where they can serve anyone at any time, however, you can switch between the AI and a customer service agent if the need arises. This helps instruct your bots to collect information that can help a live agent assist a customer more efficiently.


If you are thinking of implementing a chatbot, please do not hesitate to contact us for the best advice.


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