Different ways of billing in your company

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/9.jpg) Nowadays, billing processes in companies tends to be complicated by the amount of processes and people involved. Usually the sales user generates a quotation to present it to the customer, after the negotiation and approval the seller requests the accounting department the invoice and future management for the customer to pay their account. Once the customer makes the payment, the updated invoice must be generated and sent. Upon receiving the document, the accounting user must file in a file all documents collected during the management of the customer and so on with subsequent purchases from the same customer. From a workflow system, you can automate the billing process with sales details and mailing automatically when the sale is closed. Within the workflow tool you can assign the flow from the management of the sale to the payment of the customer. ---------- ###Features - **Templates** You could create templates about quotes and invoices to save time in managing each sale. - **Recurring invoices** It would be able to create invoices generated automatically according to the frequency that the service requires. - **Reminders** With a workflow system focused on billing you could send notifications about the status of each invoice, collection reminders and service cut-off automatically. - **Custom Reports** One of the most important functionalities that your company could have once implemented the new system is the possibility of generating reports in a personalized way and at all times In this way you will manage your team and create new strategies focused on real results. ---------- Currently, there are many systems designed to meet common billing management in companies. With a workflow system you can have a system designed specifically for your business processes focused on your projects. You will be able to execute the pre-sale, negotiation, sale, invoicing, post-sale with the **cycle of each client** based on their interests. **Notify** your client at all times on projects in phases **saving resources** by automating your processes. At [Rootstack](https://www.rootstack.com/en/solutions), we focus on providing our customers customized and quality solutions, with a workflow in line with their need we will be able to implement successful systems that will help standing out among its industry. Do you want more information? [Contact us!](https://www.rootstack.com/en/contact)