How to successfully create a SEO marketing plan

June 18, 2021

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Having an online presence is a must for any business to succeed in this technological era. Without it, you’ll be missing to reach out to thousands of new potential customers and expanding your business beyond physical barriers.


However, being online doesn’t guarantee your business or company will be noticed by everyone right away. Because for people to notice you, they have to find you. And that’s when SEO and a good marketing plan comes in handy.


What is SEO and why your company should include it in their marketing plan?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, means being able to position your company’s webpage within the very first results in any online search so people can easily find you.


The whole idea behind SEO is to optimize your website so search engines like Google can read through it and determined how valuable and relevant your webpage is and positioned it accordingly.


With almost everyone in the modern world having access to internet and with over 60,000 online searches being done per second every moment, you could see why SEO optimization is so important for any company that’s trying to build an online presence.


As you can see, having an online presence that is actually build to attract people and for future customers to easily find you can potentially increase your sales and online impact, opening new doors for your business.


Opportunities that wouldn't have happened if you didn’t start working on your SEO marketing strategy.


However, search engine optimization isn’t as easy as it might look like. There are a lot of technical factors, major researches and planning that go behind positioning your webpage amongst Google’s first search results… Meaning, you have to start created your marketing plan oriented to SEO right now.




How to create a SEO orientated marketing plan

The very first things every marketing plan should have in order to work are great, high-quality content and of course, valuable SEO insight. We will get into the high-quality content later and talk about how to make a vital plan of your marketing strategy, but let’s talk about SEO insight first.


In order to create a successful marketing campaign you’ll need a powerful tool like SEMrush, a software that offers you incredibly valuable SEO data an information completely tailor made for your website.


Through SEMrush you’ll be able to identify the major problems regarding seo engine optimization in your webpage, look for relatable keywords, get information on what aspects you need to improve and such.


But perhaps, the best thing about SEMrush as a SEO marketing tool is the fact that it allows you to create your own project oriented to improve the SEO of your webpage as a whole.


Think about this as the very first step towards building a great search engine optimized marketing campaign.


Now that you’ve got that covered, let’s talk about the other relevant factors you’ll need to keep in mind when creating a SEO marketing plan:


Valuable and constant Content

High-quality valuable content is the key to a great SEO marketing campaign. What you’re putting out into the internet should be relevant both for the reader and for the search engines.


Publishing excellent content that actually gives useful information to the user is extremely important. Keep in mind, search engines like Google prioritize these type of content over others.


Constant audit processes

Search engines algorithms are constantly changing and so should your SEO content strategy. What was relevant three months ago might not be right now, which is why you need to constantly audit and monitor all the content you’ve already published.


This means knowing when a blog posts, landing page or any other part of your website needs to be refreshed in order to stay relevant again.


Keyword strategy

We don’t have to tell you how important keywords are when it comes to search engine optimization. Tools like SEMrush will help you out with this particular tasks, however you must regularly update your keywords list as well.


Keep in mind, over saturating your content with keywords isn’t a good idea neither. Yes, keywords will give you an idea of what the general public is searching for so you can write engaging, useful pieces of content about it, but if by any chances you take it too far, Google (and most search engines) won’t take your content into consideration and therefore, won’t prioritize it.


Create a posting schedule

Knowing what you’ll post and when will help you see the bigger picture when it comes to the marketing strategy. This way you aren’t simply putting content out there just to do it, but you’re doing it with a purpose.


Having a proper pipeline is a must if you really want to make sure your content strategy is going somewhere.


Pay attention to data

Last, but not least, a successful SEO marketing plan should always include a way of tracking the data and view performance metrics that will allow you to better understand your strategy and work towards making it better.


As you might have noticed, creating a great SEO marketing plan isn’t necessarily complicated, but it will take up time, effort and a lot of research on your end for it to work out properly.


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