M-Commerce, the new shopping trend?

June 18, 2021


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The major technological advance of our era have evolved our habits. We have created a dependency on mobile devices and the Internet to facilitate our day to day and become more efficient in all aspects of life. ![M-commerce](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/m-commerce.png) While we use all the technological tools available in order to optimize our processes at work, also we do in our personal lives. E-commerce is increasingly present in our trends and buying habits. Although the m-Commerce will remain and continue to increase as a form of e-Commerce, is not this the only way to buy online. The m-Commerce relies heavily on the product being purchased, such as apps, services, tickets, etc. But it is not as effective when buying clothes, household items and other products where the consumer decision-making is based on the touch-feel-experience. For those types of products, images, videos and other targeted advertising tools, which give sufficient confidence and boost the potential consumer to buy a product virtually are needed. It is for this reason that some companies have not wanted to enter the world of m-Commerce. However, that does not mean that mobile commerce is a waste of time for those industries that have not realized that the browser of today is the buyer of tomorrow. From this reason we can assume that the evolution of shopping habits can be summarized in the following image: ![evolucion](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/group-3.png) The nature of m-Commerce makes the purchase less likely, without having had previous experience with the product, but the comfort of making the purchase on the way to work, during lunch or just on the street is an invaluable asset. I want to highlight several points of the importance of mobile commerce. • The m-Commerce will become an even greater part of online shopping. • Referring to m-Commerce as a separate entity of e-Commerce is incorrect - one is a subset of the other, but the m-Commerce is part of electronic commerce. A change in the CSS being used does not mean that you are taking part in a whole new way of shopping. • Most websites will see a spike in sales when making your site responsive, but not all. Some industries do not require the convenience of "shopping on the move". • The issue of online security creates great uncertainty for those who have not shopped online. Some consumers have trust issues with mobile commerce, as they do with online shopping. Most will take the small amount of risk in exchange for a lot of convenience. • Enable mobile shopping is a "standard" way to improve your conversion rate. Other examples include the translation of its website, making more information available to customers before buying, and publicize good reviews. I hope you enjoyed this informative blog and I invite you to promote your e-commerce offering to potential consumers the convenience and ease of BUYING ON THE MOVE!