Benefits of a Node.js consulting for your company

October 22, 2021

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Node.js is a Javascript interpreter that works on the server side and completely changes how it should work. It uses a non-blocking and event-driven operations model, which makes it lightweight and efficient. Despite being listed as a framework, Node.js is a "Java Runtime Environment". A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is software designed to run other software.


Node.js developers may worry about the process crashing as it doesn't exist. Almost no functions in Node.js do I / O directly, so the process never hangs. So it is very conducive to developing scalable systems in Node.js.


The benefits of Node.js consulting for your company


Node.js is used by many expert developers to offer IT consulting to different companies, but what is IT consulting and what benefits can it bring to companies? We are going to dispel that doubt.


  • Save of time and money


Even if a company has a successful business model, if your mobile application and technology processes are in trouble, this can cost you a lot of money in addition to hours of valuable time invested in solving it. Optimal IT consulting helps expand internal capabilities to avoid these problems in the first place. Experienced experts are able to intervene quickly to fix them so they don't escalate further and lead to higher expenses.


  • Increase productivity


A business may need help with web design or social media marketing, but cannot afford full-time employees for those projects. This is where an IT consultancy comes in, since it can provide the staff to perform these tasks, offer experts to solve problems and thus, as critical problems are solved effectively, the level of productivity of the company. business automatically improves in the right hands. Node.js developers are the best at creating tools that increase the productivity of your business.


  • Variety and experience


Carrying out an IT consultancy in a company has the advantage that the people involved have a large number of skills and are experts in different technological fields, which can be of great help to the company. Hiring a person with more than 10 years of experience means a great expense for a company, but an IT consulting can offer a talent with this trajectory for a low cost and that will provide the solution that the company needs.


  • Node.js consulting: this can contribute to the company


A developer with experience in Node.js is a key piece in any consulting done for a company. This consultancy is recommended for teams that need the knowledge and guidance of a senior-level developer to review code, help with application or web page scaling, security, debugging, and incorporate Node.js into general web development practices. 


Our Rootstack experts have managed to solve our clients' technological problems using Node.js. You can join them as part of one of the technology companies with the highest growth projection in Latin America.


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