Use cases for AWS Lambda

October 26, 2022

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aws lambda


One of the most widely implemented AWS services by companies today is AWS Lambda, as it offers an optimal and efficient infrastructure when managing computing resources. That is why it has gained so much ground since it greatly speeds up the flow of companies and improves the entire experience in general when using the systems.


“AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that executes code in response to events and automatically manages the underlying compute resources", detailed in this regard in the documentation published on its website.


They added: “Lambda runs the code on a highly available computing infrastructure and does all of the computing resource management. Among other things, it handles server and operating system maintenance, capacity provisioning and autoscaling, code and security patch deployment, and code monitoring and logging.”


aws lambda


Use cases for AWS Lambda


One of the attractions of AWS Lambda is that it greatly reduces the cost of operations, but why? This is explained in an article on the Simform portal: “The main benefit of AWS Lambda is that it eliminates the need for traditional computing services, which reduces operational costs and complexity. This results in many benefits, such as faster development, easier operational management, scalability, and reduced operational costs".


  • With AWS Lambda, you can run serverless websites


“The web interface can send requests to Lambda functions through API Gateway HTTPS endpoints. Lambda can handle application logic and persist data in a fully managed database service (RDS for a relational database or DynamoDB for a nonrelational database). You can host your Lambda functions and databases within a VPC to isolate them from other networks," they detailed in an article on the Contino portal.


aws lambda


  • It is event oriented


AWS Lambda can be configured to only fire on certain events. This is convenient in the case of applications that have periods of calm vs. periods of maximum traffic and requests.


  • If you need to transform data into multiple formats and locations, AWS Lambda can help.


In this use case, what AWS Lambda does is help reduce processing time and reduce latency, to give the user the best experience browsing the application or website. For example, with Lambda@Edge, you can have your website transform images based on the device where the query is made, offer the file format based on the browser.


aws lambda


  • Security alerts


“You can write a Lambda function to send an alert on a specific event from Cloudwatch/CloudTrail AWS activity logs. You'll notify your designated on-call staff by email, or you could even write code that will trigger AWS Lambda to call you on your phone", detailed in Dashbird.


aws lambda


  • Help in automatic file synchronization


“Instead of keeping an instance running all day, blowing your budget every month, you can use a Lambda function that will fire a scheduled event, run its sync job, and then just disappear until the next loop it needs to run,” they added in the same article.


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