What is SAP? An explanation of this ERP

October 14, 2021

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To talk about SAP, you must first define what an ERP is. An Enterprise Resource Planning is business process management software that manages and integrates the finance, supply chain, operations, trade, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities of a company.


SAP is an ERP created by Germans. It is a system that helps companies with the management of their processes. One of the characteristics of SAP is its great order: thus dividing each of its processes and activities into modules, making everything more user-friendly.


SAP modules:


SD: is in charge of sales and distribution, everything concerning customer orders, order tracking, billing and shipping.


FI: in this SAP module everything that has to do with finances is managed, among these activities are: fixed assets, configuration of wholesale accounts, accounts payable, financial statements and treasury.


MM: this is the materials management module. Covers inventory, material valuation, vendor orders, purchasing, and consumption-based planning.


PP: production planning, schedule planning, production orders and plant confirmation and control are managed.


SAP also has a wide range of reports that allow you to view all the data and procedures that are handled in its different modules, thus offering the user a clear image of the company's administrative process.


The different versions of SAP according to the type of company


According to the type of company that is going to use the ERP services offered by SAP, small, medium or large, it has a version for each one:


SAP Business One


Is tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. It manages and provides the information required and is very simple to use that does not need a lot of staff or a team of experts to apply it, which makes it ideal for all those companies that are starting in the market.


SAP Business ByDesign


Designed for medium and large companies. It adapts to its growth and has all the SAP modules to create the reports and thus lower the cost of having a human team to do them.


Rootstack has achieved important projects with the help of SAP


For a major supermarket chain in Panama, Rootstack's expert developers created a responsive website, where they mixed e-commerce with SAP integration.


We take care of developing the new company website, adaptable to all devices. The goal of the new development was to offer customers a more dynamic and friendly user experience that provides information about offers and branches in a simple way.


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