Why should your company use Mulesoft?

June 20, 2022

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As companies grow, managing the systems and applications used by teams also becomes more complex. For this reason, organizations are looking for ways to integrate or interconnect all their platforms, to facilitate access and speed up work.


“The old way of connecting applications through point-to-point cabling is not sustainable over time, it is expensive and the changes are very numerous and frequent”, explains Mulesoft in one of the videos on its YouTube channel. And precisely Mulesoft is presented as an effective data and application integration solution that has been revolutionizing the industry and the way companies work.


Mulesoft offers companies a software platform capable of connecting almost all technologies in a standardized way. "It allows you to manage and protect the data flow between all your company's systems, helping to create your own network of applications," they highlighted in the same video, also delimiting that this will speed up the work of the teams.


“Developers in the organization can also leverage existing APIs to create new processes and experiences. Mulesoft sits at the intersection of all the biggest tech forces in the world today and allows them to connect and work together", indicated this tech company.


Why use Mulesoft?


What company would not want to integrate their platforms and applications to improve their services? Of course you all would, but many organizations are hesitant to take this leap because they feel it will take too long, time they can't wait and money they can't invest.




Vidya Peters, CMO of Mulesoft, spoke about this situation in companies, which she herself has lived through in her professional experience: “Think of those teams in your company that have not launched an initiative, they have not launched a product because they are terrified of all the how long the integration will take".


This is where Mulesoft comes in to make life and work easier for companies: “Mulesoft offers the only platform to connect APIs and integrations (...) to build a network of applications and create reusable services. With that, you can change the speed of innovation and how your business presents itself in the market.”


According to Greg Schott, CEO of Mulesoft, the company's mission is to help organizations change and innovate faster, making it easy to connect their applications, data and devices.


Schott stressed that in the technology industry there are hundreds of tools and applications to be tested, which can boost the development of companies, but that many have a limited budget, making innovation and platform integration very difficult.




For this expert, Mulesoft is positioned as one of the best integration options for companies, not only because the expense is lower but also because it provides agility and speed to company operations. And how did they achieve this? Thanks to APIs.


“APIs really are the center of everything,” Schott emphasized, but noted that APIs can't just talk to each other, they need a platform that enables this communication and that's where Mulesoft comes in with the Anypoint Platform.


The Anypoint Platform is the only platform that connects any application, data or device, empowers organizations to innovate faster, and extends the company's core capabilities to partners and customers. 


Another of Mulesoft's most attractive solutions is Composer. Yes, Mulesoft Composer has all the power of Mulesoft but is aimed at business teams that need to automate critical processes without the need to know code or programming.




If in the past your company team had to constantly meet with IT teams to create integrations and automate processes, now with Mulesoft Composer it is different: “IT gives teams access to the connectors and APIs they need, teams they build what they need in Composer, IT approves it, and that's it,” they explained in a Mulesoft video.


"Connectors allow you to build any custom workflow from any system you use, all with clicks, not code," they emphasized.


Mulesoft innovations that will be useful for your teams


Mulesoft Slack Connector


Mulesoft has now put automation in the hands of any team right inside Slack. With Mulesoft Slack Connector you can handle any aspect of business without leaving Slack.




Mulesoft Robotic Process Automation


Mulesoft has harnessed the full power of RPA to automate repetitive manual tasks and process unstructured data. “Imagine extracting information from a PDF and entering it directly into another application automatically".




Mulesoft Composer para Salesforce


It adds value by putting no-code or low-code tools in the hands of company teams, boosting business through reusable APIs.




Benefits of using Mulesoft as an integration platform


“Anypoint Platform solves the most challenging connectivity problems in SOA, SaaS and APIs. It is a highly productive, unified hybrid integration platform that creates a network of application, data, and device applications with API-driven connectivity", emphasized about it in an article by VSoft Consulting.


Among the benefits of using Mulesoft and Anypoint Platform are:


  • You will be able to connect applications, data and any device, regardless of the place, whether in the facilities of your company or in the cloud.
  • You will be able to quickly build and change your application network, always with easy-to-use tools.
  • It's flexible, so Mulesoft Anypoint Platform will evolve as your business evolves, without being left behind. It adapts to the needs of your business.


Do you have application and data integration needs in your business? Evaluate the context of your company very well and then seek guidance from a technology partner to guide you towards the implementation of Mulesoft. At Rootstack, we have +10 years of experience supporting global companies in their digital transformation. Contact us!


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