How artificial intelligence will transform companies in 2023

Introductionartificial intelligence


Every day, new solutions, services, and tools are developed to help business operations and people's day-to-day duties; among these solutions, artificial intelligence currently stands out.


Artificial intelligence is a machine or computer system's emulation of human behavior with the goal of assisting people. In the case of businesses, it might be advantageous to automate repetitive processes, provide fast customer service, and be aware of faults and problems.


Beyond the benefits that this advanced technology may provide, the argument between users and experts concerning artificial intelligence has heated up over the years: while some support it vehemently, others claim that it is a threat to society because it can replace employment, and still others go so far as to say that it is dangerous.


The truth is that at present, artificial intelligence can be of great help in the business world, so in this whitepaper we are going to review the uses and benefits for industries and different types.


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