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One of the software outsourcing modalities is the Project-Based Model services. It is a very useful mechanism to develop a project when you have a very clear and defined idea of what you want to create. You deliver your project plan to a technology partner and this team is responsible for developing it from start to finish.
This is one of the services that is on the rise, since it allows companies to develop their projects quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality, on the contrary.

“Rootstack has provided us with the expert talent we need to make our tech projects a reality. Their teams were able to start working right away with deep-subject matter expertise on the challenges that we presented"

Tech Leader

Pharmaceutical Company

“Working with Rootstack has been a wonderful experience. They have truly helped us improve our site design and performance, allowing our business to grow and stand out in the online world”


Financial Institution

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Hiring an outsourcing team in your company can help you in many ways. 

Inefficient project management

Many companies face difficulties in managing and executing projects efficiently. The Project-Based Model service offers a structured and methodological approach that helps improve planning, resource allocation, monitoring and control of projects. This ensures more efficient management, minimizes risks and increases the chances of success.

Lack of specialization and experience

Some companies may lack specialized knowledge or experience in specific areas to carry out certain projects. The Project-Based Model service provides access to highly trained professionals and experts in various fields, allowing companies to gain the necessary expertise without having to hire long-term staff. This ensures that projects are carried out with specialized knowledge and high-quality results are obtained.

Overcome limited internal capacity

Companies can face challenges when presented with the opportunity to undertake larger or more complex projects, but their internal capacity is limited. The Project-Based Model service provides additional resources and flexibility to tackle larger projects. By having a dedicated external team, companies can expand their ability to execute without having to commit their internal resources.


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