A+ Talent

Hire qualified professionals that know how to make a difference. 

Best software developers

You will have an expert team at your disposal, which will adapt to the requirements.

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Our software engineers are creative, innovative, and experts in their fields. We work with a diverse group of
tech profiles certified in the latest technologies and methodologies. They all undergo a strict selection process,
have years of experience working with challenging projects, and mastering the industry’s best practices.
 Our A+ talent truly sets us apart.

Recognitions and honours

Rootstack's Bootcamps Partnerships

We all started as a Jr. This is why at Rootstack, we create alliances with different Bootcamps to open the doors to Jr developers and start their professional growth with us. In addition, we join their contribution to education with talks, workshops, and hackathons because we believe that knowledge is to share. These are the Bootcamps with which we have established this great connection:

Le Wagon
Academia Geek
Coding Dojo

Our selection process

  • Interviews

    Candidates go through several filters and interviews to get to know them better.

  • Technical tests

    We apply technical tests to verify your abilities and skills.

  • Hiring

    Once the candidate passes the tests, we proceed to hire.

  • Culture

    We explained to the new member of Rootstack the culture of the company, based on communication and teamwork.