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Internet of Things Services


Remote monitoring and management

This includes monitoring production lines, tracking inventory levels, and managing energy usage.


Smart building solutions

IoT sensors and systems can be used to monitor and control various aspects of buildings, such as lighting and security systems.


Improving customer experience

IoT allows businesses to personalize products and services and improve the overall customer experience.


Data Analysis and Insights

IoT generates large amounts of data that can be analyzed to gain insight into market operations and trends.


Why work with Rootstack?

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    While our experts take care of backend development, the rest of our team will focus on UX.
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    We help your company in multiplatform development, increasing its reach.
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    We handle the most modern tools for backend and frontend development.
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    We react quickly to code issues thanks to our +14 years of experience.

Key features of Internet of Things



IoT devices are connected to each other over the Internet.

Sensors and Actuators

IoT devices are equipped with sensors that can collect data from the environment.

Data collection and analysis

They collect large amounts of data from the environment or from other devices.

Remote Monitoring and Control

IoT enables remote monitoring and control of devices and systems from anywhere with an Internet connection.

What you will get in Rootstack?

Access to more data

You will make better decisions

Better monitoring

Lighten the workload

Increases efficiency

Save money and resources

AI multiplies the value of IoT

Optimized costs

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