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Ideas and planning

The new product development process can be complicated at first and can easily turn into a nightmare, so proper planning is absolutely necessary. 


Present the idea

This part is vital because it will depend on whether the product is approved for financing or not. The idea of a new product must be objective, well presented, with all its strengths and weaknesses


Develop a prototype

We create a product that is as close as possible to its final form and that can be used to test with the target audience.


Product Launch

A detailed release plan is created: the date when the product will be accessible to the general public, the places where they can purchase it or where they can register, whether it is a service or software. 


Why work with Rootstack?

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    While our experts take care of backend development, the rest of our team will focus on UX.
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    We help your company in multiplatform development, increasing its reach.
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    We handle the most modern tools for backend and frontend development.
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    We react quickly to code issues thanks to our +14 years of experience.

Why hire product development experts?

Optimize costs

Help expand business

Strengthens concept development

Apply product tests

Guide development

Help marketing strategies

Create custom software

Guide the projects

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Creation of web application to interconnect medical laboratories
Rootstack helped Spivey with a team of expert engineers working on creating a web application for medical laboratories.
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These are some of the solutions specially designed for your needs

We are experts in developing loyalty programs that boost business.
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pos system
We are experts in implementing point-of-sale systems that boost business.
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virtual office
We create virtual offices so you can optimize your processes and offer better service.
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We are experts in the development of intranet apps that improve the agility of companies.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we manage project timelines and ensure timely delivery?

We use agile project management methodologies, breaking the project into sprints with regular check-ins and progress updates. This allows us to stay on track and make adjustments as needed.

How do we ensure the quality of the product being developed?

We have a robust quality assurance process that includes regular testing, code reviews, and user feedback loops. This ensures that the product meets high standards and performs well in real-world conditions.

What level of involvement is required from the client side during the development process?

The client involvement is crucial, especially during the initial planning, regular progress reviews, and feedback sessions. This helps ensure the product aligns with your vision and requirements.

What happens if we need to make changes to the product requirements mid-development?

We accommodate changes through a structured change management process. This involves assessing the impact on timelines and costs, and we ensure transparent communication to decide the best course of action together.


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